Updates:  Page Started 12/23-24/2017 Police Abuse Names - Codes Key: Several codes are self-explanatory, however some additional information might be provided in the code section to flesh it out; an effort is made to usually include enough information  that an eyeball glance will inform the reader without having to look it up.  The idea is to provide a quick feeling for at least part of the issue or relevant information. Several codes could be used for one person, sometimes just one issue is selected, or the code MULT for multiple issues; code might not be reflected if the material is mostly to provide background or other info; mostly police but some related personnel like firemen are included especially if they are leaders or events mirror policing problems; please note rank might change after an article is posted, usually rank reflected at time of violation; also a No- Guilt or clear might reflect a moment in time as things might be reversed later, or there might be later or other incidents or with preliminary charges shifting to a prosecution - sometimes we are catching a moment in time or other issues are missed.  During the first go-through setup process, codes might be added and used preliminarily and changed later, giving a rather uneven application of codes.  The first codes might catch part of it, or be used slightly differently than  an equal or almost equal scenario with another police person; please bear with this, as it might take some time to make things more uniform.  The codes applied, however. should provide a quick approximation of at least part of the issues connected to that person. Example of Code Layout: Template: 1-city/2-rank of officer/3-problem(s)/4-*NAME* famous or well known case as last name of victim 1-SIL/2-OFC-LCSHO/3-FORCE/4-*BRYAN*  Means: 1-Silver City, New Mexico   2-Officer of Lea County Sheriff’s Office     3- Problem is that he used excessive force  4- name of victim in a famous or well known case is Bryan 1- Cities Covered First Code - Area codes in this order when there is a full listing of all possible codes (some might be left out permanently or will be added later - even if codes are left out, cities will be always present at the first entry)  example SIL/OFC-LCSHO/FORCE/*BRYAN* = city/rank of officer/problem(s)/famous or well known case as last name of victim first code=city:                   codes in this order when there is a full listing of all possible codes (some might be left out permanently or will be added later - even ifcodes are left out, cities will be always present at the first entry)  example first code=city: ALAMOS-Los Alamos   ALGRDO-Alamagordo ALBQ-Albuquerque  ALGRDO -Alamagordo ART-Artesia BEL-Belen  CARL-Carlsbad  CLD-Cloudcroft   CLO-Clovis  CRUC-Las Cruces   DEM-Deming   DEX-Dexter (Dexter is southeast of the closest larger city of Roswell and is in Chaves County) ESP-Espanola   FMN=Farmington  GAL-Gallup    HOB-Hobbs etc.   HTCH=Hatch  JEM-Jemez Springs  LOV=Lovington   NAV, NAV NTN Navajo, Navajo NationNation PORT= Portales   QUES-Questa  RNCH Rio Rancho RSA-Santa Rosa  SIL=Silver City     SOC=Socorro  SNTA FE=Santa Fe     VAN=Vaughn  VEG  Las Vegas  RES [general area of incident]=RESERVATION  2-Second code area: Ranks/Departments Ranks: rank of Police Personnel followed by dash and (optional) name of dept: CHF = police chief    SHF-sheriff  DEP-deputy   DPS Dept Public Safety  OFC-officer     LT-lieutenant   SGT-sergeant  CAPT-captain; name of dept: NPD-Navajo Police Dept     UNDR- under cover Departments City/County/State: County Sheriffs (SO stands for Sheriff’’s Office):  BCSO Bernaillo County  LCSO=Lea County  SJCSO=San Juan County    GCSO=Grant County   COF=City of Farmington 3-Third code= deceased, problem, issue, informative brief note  ALC for drinking in general, toxicification level uncertain ARM-NO - not armed; a police officer has shot at (or otherwise attacked) an unarmed person    ARREST FLSE - false arrest  BULLY - bullying a client, includes possible humiliating/scorn/ridiculing  CHLD - child abuse CONV - convicted  CRASH was in a car accident under shaky circumstances  DOM - domestic violence issues   DRP - charges dropped (also see GLT-NO) DWI an actual charge for driving while intoxicated or under the influence   ENTRAP - entrapment   FEL - felony charges  SEX - some kind of sexual misconduct issue whether cleared later or not, with  GLT NO - means found not guilty   HIST - had a history of problems before being hired by the last employer and/or with previous hirings  INTEL - something off around how intelligence is handled  INTIMID -  intimidation to keep victims/witnesses from talking  INAPP- inappropriate, unprofessional behavior - like getting into it with people whose beliefs are different, by talking back, by makin glewd comments, etc.  INTOX - intoxication (see also DWI, ALC)   KLL-officer has  killed someone, indications or evidence that officer is in the wrong  KOD-killed on/connected to duty  MNR-added indicates minor involved   FORCE -related to force on the job)   LEWD-lewd comments MINORS - minors   MISDEM misdemeanor MULT=multiple issues  OBSTR (see also OPP/OPPR)  obstruct evidence REF requesting/spurring/creating reform  RET-retired   RETAL-retaliation, can be police against other police or police against a member of the public, official, etc.  RING=ring  SETTLE-Settlement SEX- something is off around a sexual issue (rape, forced exposure, etc.) SHT-shooting  SUIT=lawsuit involved   SUS= connected to suspicious death in some way    OPP or OPPR-official oppression  PRIS-prison time spent  PRBE or PROBE-probing type of force   SEARCH ILL =illegal search  STLK- stalking  SUIC = deceased died from apparent or actual suicide  TAMPR tampering with evidence  TORT=tort claims notice  TRF- STOP=traffic stop/vehicle pull-over issue; can include pulling people over without a good reason, rough treatment, wrongful or unnecessary shooting   UNRULY=unruly behavior in general, might be associated with drugs/alcohol, might relate to an actual criminal charge     WPN=negligent use of firearm or some other issue involving weapons    W/HLD-withholding evidence    WHISTLE-whistleblower             4-last code when used= *NAME*Last names of victims in well-known cases might be added, like *ECKERT* for David Eckert Case, *DANIELS* for Linda Daniels eg, DEM/DEP/FORCE/*ECKERT* (City police chain of command will follow this example from City of Farmington Police:  likely have a chief of police and deputy chief as administrative heads; divisions often will include a Detective Division with a Juvenile unit,  Narcotics Task Force, Gang Unit, Crime Lab Unit) ; (County police will include various divisions, often like this example from San Juan County, New Mexico Sheriff’s Office: : The Patrol Division currently consists of three Animal Control Officers, one School Resource Deputy, 42 Patrol Deputies, a 14 man SWAT Team and six Negotiators (all comprised of patrol deputies and supervisors), seven Patrol Sergeants and three Lieutenants. The Division is overseen by the Operations Captain. (State police have various divisions across state: For operational purposes, the State Police divide New Mexico into 12 distinct Districts. Each district has main office with a commanding officer overseeing day-to-day operations)
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