VARIOUS AREAS Minority deaths have been seen across the board in police related killings, as well as certain other groups.  Should we ask ourselves if there is a master plan or hidden war? Summary of Links on This Page: rodney-king-riots/ Nicholas Heyward shot by white police officer in 1994 in New York Ferguson vs. Rodney - Lessons riots/ Rodney King Beating Full Video in Los Angeles, CA Another black teen killed miles from Ferguson Michael Brown Shooting by white police officer  in Ferguson, Missouri Walter Scott Shooting by white police oifficer in North Charleston, S.C. Taser! Taser! Taser!' a possible clue in dashboard camera video (Sarah Parvini, April 10, 2015) Excerpt: Experts who spoke with the Los Angeles Times were struck by how courteous the initial exchange was between North Charleston, S.C., Police Officer Michael T. Slager and motorist Walter L. Scott. They agreed that Scott should not have run, but disagreed about whether Slager should have chased him. And they noted that when Slager shouted, "Taser! Taser! Taser!" it meant he was about to use the non-lethal weapon. The attorney said, "Clearly a Taser was involved, and the bystander said he heard the Taser going off. It still makes the shooting at this stage as far as I can tell indefensible. ... It doesn't justify under any legal theory being shot in the back." updated 06/03/2016
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