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Police Abuse Pages Arizona    Colorado   Oregon  Hawaii Blue Lives Matter Psychotronic Attack  PSYCHOTRONIC  - Systems Abuse Technology  Sept. 11 - General Information 9/11 GENERAL INFO   Sept. 11 and No Planes 9/11 & NO PLANES  Sept. 11 and Israeli Mossad  9/11 MOSSAD DID IT         Sept. 11 and Big Oil   9/11 BIG OIL     Sept. 11 and Saudi Arabia Major Player 9/11 SAUDIS MAJOR PLAYER   Controls - THE WALL OF SILENCE  Human Rights Groups (like ACLU)will be added here later, use menu links Whistleblowers Resources, Media, Alternative Media - these two sections will be dissolved shortly.  There are too many different sources used on this website to pick out and focus on  just a few, because it might come across as endorsement.  However, those links that seem to be of special interest will be retained on or added to applicable topics pages on this website.  For example, a website that covers Latin American cartels will be shown on Police Abuses, NM as a resource to consider when dealing with organized crime, since it pertains across various racial, cultural and geographic platforms. RESOURCES (NEWSPAPERS, WEBSITES, ETC.) Well Known and alternative or independent news, insights, information.  Selected articles on system abuse and 9/11.  ACLU     EFF    SNOWDEN LINKS     AMERICANS UNITED Major Media Sources: A Few. (Lists a few surveillance and system news article links) Listing these major news sources here does not constitute support, belief, agreement, hidden agendas, or any form of advertising/advancement/agreement.  The lists show that  certain kinds of news and information do get out to the public on system/surveillance abuse - for whatever reasons.    By quickly scanning these, we can see what is being said, reported and by whom.  A longer and deeper compilation of these and other sources would be useful, but is time consuming and needs to be updated regularly. For the below, see the Mainstream/Well Known Media Page here. CBS     CNN     THE GUARDIAN     LA TIMES     THE NEW YORKER     NY TIMES     WASHINGTON POST          Alternative or Specialized Sources:     ALTERNATIVE NEWS SOURCES PAGE (SHOWING ITEMS BELOW) ABQ FREE PRESS (ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO)      COMMON DREAMS     DANIEL PIPES ORG (WASHINGTON POST)      HUFFINGTON POST     INDEPENDENT (UK)  INSIGHT CRIME (LATIN AMERICA)         THE NATION         THE REAL NEWS      VETERANS TODAY      VETERANS TODAY - ALTERNATIVE VIEWS      VIGILANT CITIZEN (CANADA)      UK COLUMN Police Abuse - State - General Police Abuses Various Areas  POLICE ABUSES VARIOUS AREAS  Police Positivity   TOPICS SLANTS IS KING GEORGE BACK?     TWO HORNS     OUROBOROS     PET ROCKS NEW GAY WORLD     MISERY LOVES COMPANY     BEWARE OF BAD COUNSELING       MINORITY MINDSET HIDDEN VETERANS     MUD RAKING    SYSTEM ABUSES MONARCH ABUSES      OPERATION PAPERCLIP      THE ILLUMINATI     PSYOPS BRITISH COMMONWEALTH SYSTEM (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS EMPIRE) BRITISH OPS NORTH KOREA NORTH KOREA  OTHER STRANDS OF CONSCIOUSNESS    ACLU (ALTERNATIVE VIEWS ON)      RUSSIAN MAFIA     PSYCHOTRONIC ATTACK       SPIN DOCTORS      VETERANS TODAY (ALTERNATIVE VIEWS ON)             
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