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updated 12/08/2016 invisible fingers    masks & wands    provocation    Rubbing It In --- INVISIBLE FINGERS:  SILENT STROKES Psychic and Psychotronic activities can run through our lives as invisible fingers, manipulating events, emotions, ideas and conversations; they can distort reality.  You can learn to feel it happening around you but that does not mean you immediately know how to stop it.  The concept of an unseen force running through our lives is not new, but many people are oblivious to certain kinds of control games going on around them all the time.    In order to start feeling and seeing this psychically, people probably need to be off drugs and alcohol and working with mindfulness.  They need to loosen up and become emotionally and mentally flexible.  They need to be open to new ideas and watchful of how other genders and cultures do energy.  Our best teachers are other people.  Learn to sense how people communicate with each other sexually as an energy.  Two main sniffing points for most people are sex and money; many people get a feeling for a person’s financial condition, size of penis or breast and sexual orientation right off the bat.    It’s one of the first things many people identify.  That type of awareness can be extended to an underlying energy field which is the turf zone for messing with reality.  It’s also the place where you can sense people’s thoughts in terms of what they are planning to do to and about you.   Invisible fingers can be about shifts in reality, but it also can be about hearing/feeling the energy of thoughts.  Thoughts take on life forms of their own.  In fact, thoughts and shifts in energy go together. Sensing invisible forces aimed at you is much like listening for intruders in the house - it just takes on an added dimension.  It might be coming from the crown chakra energy as it distends  around the body’s electromagnetic field.  Sensitivity up around the head is connected with timbre qualities (like drums) felt in the bones, solar plexus, and perhaps sensitive sexual centers.  Together, these things can work with the inner visual apparatus we call clairvoyance.  The whole thing as seeing/feeling/hearing can act like an alarm system on a house, telling us people are about to do bad things to us.  In this way, we are given time to choose alternative directions for avoidance or confrontation.  The foreshadowed information can even tell us perhaps how to change the energy so the problem will dissipate or lessen in intensity.  To develop this in ourselves, we probably need practice and validation by having stepping stone psychic experiences which then build up to a broader panorama of psychic ability.  Turning around and teaching others is part of the psychic development experience because the more willing we are to help humanity in a good way, the more relaxed and open we become with our psychic abilities.  Helping others with sincerity and and a feeling of self- confidence moves us into the groove of the universe, which opens us up more psychically.  By sharing openly, we go into flow, not hoarding or secrecy.  Hoarding and secrets block energy and give off a non-helpful vibe to people.  Sometimes we cannot share or teach yet, as we are still processing material for ourselves and have not developed a perspective yet.  In that case, it is better to feel what we feel, to go through what we need to go through.  It’s as if some things are there waiting for us to experience and that we cannot move on until we experience them.  The experience is the calling at that point, not the teaching.  So all things have a time.  Being in flow with the universe is recognizing these things and allowing.  Some things cannot be rushed. updated 11/24/2015 --- MASKS AND WANDS:  NEXT GENERATION OF SKULLS AND BONES? This is conjecture:  Psychically I have seen at least one man using a mask or masks to hide his face on another level.  I suspect it is the same man who was using a wand-like device to attack me.  There was some kind of energy coming out of this wand.  It seemed high tech.  This is the same man whose website I have visited several times who seems to be informing about Skulls and Bones, Republican pedophiles and Monarch abuses.  I also had a dream about him driving a space ship which fused in the dream into a black shiny expensive car in a driveway of what felt an expensive property.  It feels like the East coast area.  This came up for me today after looking at the Snakes and Books group on the internet from an earlier era.  The energy that sort of came up for me on that - it was not strong, reminds me of this man, but I am not sure about it.  Just an idea,  a vague feeling.  A not good feeling came from this man, like possible violence, but also like he felt pain to be seen, like part of him wanted me to see him, a small peak behind the mask, but as if he felt he could not connect with me for some discomfort.  I feel the masks are occultish.  I am wanting to use the term high occult.  The wand makes me think of secret Nazi technology.  Dreams  of this nature also seemed to be connected to whoever was causing me to dream about the American Revolution for awhile.  I feel this man and whoever he is connected with know how to read people psychically and do something with dreams.  Saw the Liberty Bell with crack, felt people from the American Revolution, wondered if I had known people then in a past life, if some of these people had also reincarnated from that era.  But I could not rest on any of it for fear of interception (psychotronic interference). Also had dreams of World War II and the Nazis, it seemed; heard and seemed to know German in that dream.  Again, wondered if they were tapping into a past life which was appearing in my dreams.  In other words, there was a period of vivid dreams as associated with this man and/or his group of associates. Later read in a book by H. Stevens (see Acknowledgements) about possible Time Machine Nazi technology.  Warping time to see into the past.  Like a Stonehenge configuration.  Wonder if this man or group have this capability. updated 06/11/2016 --- PROVOCATION See also: Section - Misery Loves Company     Invisible Fingers     Psyops     Gangstalking Provocation refers to taking a person out of their emotional, moral and  personality center.  It can include teasing on an energy level using invisible fingers (psychotronic, verbal driving, torture) approaches.  The results can be for the person to lose his or her temper and fling out at someone, to spend money unwisely or to make poor choices under duress.  Taken to an extreme, it can induce psychic and physical attacks from this victim onto yet other victims.  Think pushing to the limits Provocation can truly go on non-stop day in and day out for years to cause deterioration of the person.  It can include things like noise, cigarette smoke, pet peeves and causing a person to feel confused.  Read through some of the gangstalking and psyops material on this website from various sources to get a feeling for all the many types of provocation.  Some suggest some of it  could be going on multi-dimensionally. Provocation can be about defense pushed outward.  Turning internal responses (feelings) into reactions to the provoking stimuli (again often invisible as to source), they can develop sooner or later into aggressive offenses out of retaliation, desperation and confusion.  Even with the stimuli gone or not provoking at this moment, the memory of past moments can keep the person in a state of agitation and more likely to act out, especially if something else comes in to provoke or under the influence of lack of sleep or mind altering substances.  The long-term annoyances can build up a charge that keeps the person in a state of fight or flight agitation so that even small upsets might trigger ballistic behaviors. n other words, they can provoke a person to get him or her to mess up in a variety of ways by stepping over the line of normally exercised moral restraint.  It’s a type of “gotcha” mentality on the part of the perpetrators because they push a person to get them to pop and once that person pops, they see the individual as wasted, a nothingness, a shell, barely worth finishing off.  It’s a form of emotional terror to wipe the person out from both the inside as well as the outside.  It can come about through a series of take-aways, a variety of deprivations which increasingly frighten, exasperate and intimidate the victim.  Provocation is a type of psyops warfare on th person’s whole life, their whole being.    One way to provoke is to channel through main support systems like family the repeated message that the victim is always wrong, misguided, mentally ill, out of touch with reality, exaggerating, paranoid, lazy, and more.  Family members with long relationship problems with that victim might be subconsciously enjoying the sadistic ride of never offering true emotional support to the victim.    It can become a habit to always say those same things and to always respond without fail in the same way to the victim which is in fact a controlled demolition operation on a human.  In the case of international terror on citizens of the United States, it’s a cat and mouse issue where the perpetrators enjoy chipping away at the citizen in the same way they do the same thing to the country.  Unwitting family members and others become the the tools for this sort of thing; the victim is never given respite, the family members or other supporters never grow and move past being channels, the perpetrators tell themselves they are turning the person into a troll.  They have a method behind their madness and Orwell acknowledged this in his fictional depiction of torture.  Torture i snot just about beating up on the body; it is about destroying inner soul fiber.  There are likely issues with aggression receptors  being turned on in the human body using artificial means and messing with dopamine or other brain chemistry levels known to encourage feelings like peace, fear, fatigue, action as well as aggression.  Misery Loves Company and Nowhere to Turn:  Provocation can be about getting the victim to act out so that the perpetrators are satisfied that he/she does not feel superior to them in terms of anything from drugs to crime - you have heard the expression “bringing someone down.”  The perpetrators are trying to bring that person down so as to be able to say to themselves “See, you are no better than us.”  The further the perpetrators are getting from the moral center of the planet by stepping away from any remaining favorable responses, the more they are criminals who have killed others, the more lost and desperate they become because nothing real is left to hold onto in life.  They have basically blown their chances for a good life by being so evil acting.  In that knowledge of nowhere to turn, they take it out even more on victims.  As the purity of childhood is so fully washed out of their lives, they feel a need to stamp that purity and remaining hope out of others.  Provocation is about desperation of the psyche.  In its final stages, provocateurs will kill themselves to seek relief from that terrible feeling of nowhere to turn.  The ore they beat up on someone else, the more lost they feel. updated 06/11/2016