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Updates: Page started approx between 01-02-2018 THE LONG BURN Vengeance Quotient               Acting Out - Forced   Arsing the Asses    The Long Burn     Despoiling the Spoiled     An Eye for an Eye        Guilt       Making Others Look Bad     Misery Loves Company     Playing God     Popping     Rubbing It In     Taste: Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     Trophyism     Turning the Tables “I think that the lone intention was to break our spirits as prisoners, to break our will so we would reach a point of personal deterioration and lose hope for everything.”  -Prisoner #52: Mohamed Ahmed al-Shoreiya Ben Soud http //www This is about revenge extracted over a long period of time and designed to wither a person or country down to the bone and then into ashes.  It is the slow drip of acid, the eating away of a person’s or country’s self-concept, the annihilation by silent extraction and blocking off outlets of hope or support (see also Funneling).   It can include the torture of prisoners, such as occurred in CIA prisons.  In the quote above by Ben Soud, he had been subjected to severe torture including inadequate food and water, toilets and ways to keep clean and groomed; his leg had been broken and he had been beaten, hung from ceilings, put through sleep deprivation and much more while kept at what is know as The Dark Prison in Kabul, Afghanistan for a little more than a year shortly after 9/11. It can be over things like the USA did not reach in and help Poland after World War II, or did not actively help Muslim Bosnians during their time of terror at the hands of the Serbs.  It can also be over certain types of American complicity/duplicity involving direct or indirect  anti-Jewish acts before, during and after World War II, as through religious, financial/industrial and “good old boy network” support- so the long burn could be coming from an Israeli secret retaliation, often referred to in Jewish conspiracy theories.  It can involve old history used to validate current military retaliations - like to avenge one’s ancestors or get back old territory, like an Ottoman Empire quest.  It can  include issues over Palestine and other peoples who feel they have lost lands and lives to “The Great Satan” of the West which gets wrapped up with African Africans, American Africans, Native Americans and Hispanic peoples in North and South America.  In the acts of vengeance, the ego involvement might include a desire to be top dog, to smash targets and make them beg, feel small, feel humiliated, to lose faith of family and society, to lose allies in other countries, to become formless, a “nothing.”  There can be a nihilistic streak to the retaliation in which self and clan members are killed to try to win a point, some of which could be to make the opponent look like the terrorist, the evil one ( see also Making The Other Guy Look Bad).  The nihilism can be a form of rage both turned inward and outward to the point innocent people as well as the terrorists are killed.  The idea is “If I cannot have it my way and demand your acknowledgement of my power and my peeves, I will take it out on the world and commit suicide.”  The long burn here, in the case of suicide, is that 100 or 1000 more will follow to take up the vacuum of the suicided colleague.  Setting up the enemy by killing members of one’s race or religious group to make it look like it was the Americans, or the cops, or the military…seems to be one way the long burn game is being played; it is an extension of personal suicide, but the victims in this case did not give their permission to be “suicided” for the group in this way.  The long burn here is “We are not ever going to give up or stop until you acknowledge our demands.”  Many blown up planes, bombed public buildings and events and other targeting of innocents later, the terrorists go more and more into denial about being wrong or making mistakes.  The ego takes over.  It can include lack of being able to accept half-way conciliation, or assuming all efforts at conciliation or fake or not good enough.  Some of it could looking into behaviors of the enemy and deciding they don’t really hold the terrorist’s group in enough esteem or importance, they have not taken the respect to a high enough level.  There can almost be a tendency to want to be treated like a god or the chosen people, or the “real root race” of the planet - and it can include trying to eliminate an entire other race or religion. In terms of motus operandi or applying a psychological review of these people to know how to respond, it is suggested here that acknowledging the strategy and emotional construct behind The Long Burn will assist in counter-terrorism efforts.  If you can kind of get the feel of it, it can help fine tune appropriate prevention and emergency responses.