TEACHING PEOPLE A LESSON See also:      Vengeance Quotient--Making Others Look Bad     Turning the Tables     Rubbing It In     An Eye for an Eye     Playing God     Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     The Long Burn  Despoiling the Spoiled  This relates to the idea that one of the motives behind world terrorism, guerilla warfare or any kind of revenge is the idea a person or persons need to be taught a lesson.  Although simplistic seeming, it is this website’’s belief that this is a major modus operandi behind certain world events, including in American politics, and that one ex-president with this as a core direction is Barack Obama.  Certain Islamic groups - some of which are associated with La raza and Black Panthers -seem to be using this in a group vendetta against the world. It’s close relative is the vigilante system.  An example would be Christian religious white guys who are frustrated with American legal and judicial system who take the law into their own hands and go after people.
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