Page started 02/13/2018 GUILT See also Vengeance Quotient Acting Out - Forced   Arsing the Asses    The Long Burn     Despoiling the Spoiled     An Eye for an Eye        Guilt       Making Others Look Bad     Misery Loves Company     Playing God     Popping     Rubbing It In     Taste: Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     Trophyism     Turning the Tables The guilt used here refers to vengeance in terms of torture, covert and overt attacks, relationship dialogues, etc..    People are not only whipped, they are given lectures about how their race, gender, religion, country, etc. did bad things to the perpetrator and now the perpetrator (who feels he was once or still is a victim) is going to give “it” to the current victim.  Sometimes we are possibly dealing with electronic harassment, voice-overs, channeling, funneling, gremlins in emails, sending in the crows, etc. to draw the person toward a pre-determined feeling - that is, the feeling the perpetrators want to force inside that current victim.  They want  to have control over the range of feelings, to funnel it toward guilt. One of the key issues here is language often associated with emotional energy, almost as if the person wants to imprint his experience onto the current victim.  He wants to make him or her feel what he felt.  In in the absence of signs of empathy for his plight, we will turn up the dial of words, energy and physicality.   In some cases the guilt comes in repeated expressions, as if the person saying this is on a broken record - trying to get to the bottom of his feelings, he tries to evince regret in the other person.  It becomes an obsession.  In trying to make someone feel guilty, other things can start happening inside this new perpetrator, giving him a bad feeling that only gets worse the more cruel he is to the current victim.  Trying to drown out remorse and common sense, he steps up the pace of his efforts at making the other person feel guilty. This guilt can be closely associated with Popping, as the perpetrator tries to draw something out of the current victim.
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