Updates:  11/01/2017; Page started 10/31/2017 FUNNELING See also:  Trajectories  Manipulative Guiding Toward a Point Has to do with the manipulation of events and activities toward an endpoint.  Shadow government, in its agendas, trying to shift a single target or the public mind toward a certain belief system, orientation, or state of giving up and deferring.  Funneling refers to an overall systems-wide approach to forcing society and its inhabitants toward a certain belief structure or state of mind.  It is closely connected to specific forms of domination and abuse (like torture) which can be used as part of that overall process.  Torture can include things like gangstalking (a relatively invisible form of mind control and psychological harassment) as well as prison- based torture.  Together with systems-wide pressures to conform or lose hope, torture can strain a society both in terms of the victims from both other countries and from within in responsible country, but also in terms of the moral decay in the government systems responsible for the torture.  Funneling tends to weaken open free and liberty oriented societies, replacing them with totalitarian or nihilistic ones.  The end points can be malicious full control dictatorships or final complete planetary death. Wear-Downs It can also include a type of mind rape as well as physical abuse, and is designed to wear down a person’s religious beliefs, morality, intentions, sexual orientation, connection with self and more.  In this regard, it is a form of psyops, but the idea here is the concept of the funnel in which diversity is poured into the cup and only certain things are allowed down through the narrow funnel.  This idea also connects with the notions on this website of point to point and point to pitch in the sense the perpetrators are trying to mold the person’s spiritual beliefs and connection to leadership into a narrow construct.  Psychic and psychotronic attack, surveillance, running control games through government agencies and more can be part of the process of trying to force the person into a sense of defeat and submission.  Domination/Submission and Playing God Funneling is part of the domination/submission and playing God activities discussed throughout this website.  Funneling includes a lot of psychological operations, including controlling the media or messing with it, using invisible fingers to make the other guy look bad and even killing members of one’s own group to set up the other party to make the whole system (ie, government, country, race) look bad.  Funneling is about trying to force a point by removing all other options of thought and choice a person or country has.  Part of it is to try to  bypass widespread belief systems in that country.  Funneling probably comes largely from an ego drive and sense of retaliation, with vengeance coming in the form of the long burn.  It also includes the notion of the zone of influence in which things are coming at a target from a number of different directions. What Should Be Done When Funneling Is Recognized Funneling is a malicious subversive strategy and should be taken seriously once it is recognized for what it is - a type of warfare.  Opposing groups can be using these tactics against each other and weaving the counterpoints throughout society, with one playing a certain form of mind control, another playing yet another.  Part of our strategies for self-protection and counter-offense should be to learn to identify which group we are dealing with in order to send out the necessary esoteric technology and more traditional military (ie guns, other weapons) response to the appropriate party.  In the likely event the public is being covertly attacked by psychotronic warfare our government will not acknowledge, we must use private parties to help find the harassing party and respond with a shut-down or counter-attack, or the attacks could continue for a lifetime or until we are killed (this includes “suicided.”).  The appropriate response to funneling is high level defense and preventive offense when we see the other party is perched and ready to use it on us.  We need to isolate the locations from which the attacks are being generated and weed out the networks involved both inside our country boundaries and without.  One reason such high level responses are needed is that  the perks seems to include ego and bioenergy feeding - the perpetrators seem to physically/emotionally/energetically feed off the energy of victimizing others - possibly already drug addicts, this seems to be yet another addiction.  They get off on upsetting and debilitating  individuals, companies/corporations, military units/sectors and countries.  The take-outs are similar when used by certain groups: the modus operandi as well as operations, once recognized, can be linked to certain sources based on a collection of tendencies and clues.  In some cases they are leaving calling cards and/or slowly revealing themselves because a good deal of it includes ego drive.  Others are less ego driven and prefer the quiet satisfaction of a tight, well-executed plan with expected enemy squashing outcomes so they can lightly dust off their pants and move on; the satisfaction with these types is in not giving attention or credence to their acts or the squashed enemy, but to go on as if the output necessary to disengage the enemy was minimal.  The idea here is that the other party was so beneath them, , it should hardly be acknowledged as a life form and should be so forgotten like it never even existed.  For this latter, we need to look for subtle, extremely high technology plots on the global map where things seems to be run quietly and efficiently and one way to do this is through feeling out psychic energy and applying remote viewing.  One place to start with this might be to check out certain aspects of an Israeli-ex-Soviet Union connection, without blanketly black-balling all of Israel or all of Jews.   The other groups to watch in this regard might be Iran, China and certain organizations connected to Subud, but the general tendency is what we need to watch out for, no matter who operates in this manner.
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