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CURRENT COMMENTARY notes_currentcommentary_thegoldenrivernet Older Notes  Selected case:   2017-13 (McCracken case NM)   2017-13  See below for dated current notes FOURTH AMENDMENT Search and Seizure The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,  and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Regarding various materials used on this website: We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of political, human rights, economic, and social justice issues, etc. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” – James Madison, Constitutional Convention (1787). From article in The Guardian by Hank Johnson: President Trump is Giving Police Forces Weapons of War.  This is Dangerous. Dated Notes 09/23/2017 written and posted between 8:45 and 9:00 am mst; see also material added about 9:10 to 9:50 am mst: yet other material between about 9:50 and 10:40 am mst.  This session ended about 10:50 am mst for the day. Development on CIA Torture I will add and reiterate the following: Gremlins in emails:  Email/text contacts - third party interceptors with active now-time psychic/psychotronic activity; responses by these third party interceptors to what we communicate about in various ways.  I feel strongly they respond to the information they glean from correspondence both concurrently and later by trying to change outcomes, steal a variety of things, manipulate relationships and more.  They can also disturb the peace between the writer and the recipient in a variety of ways to keep that person - usually best though of as a TI or targeted individual - behind a wall of silence and non-support.  In some cases, you might be dealing with two TIs trying to communicate - both people are being targeted and watched, so the correspondence is seen as particularly threatening, of interest, volatile and potentially loaded by the Gremlins. In addition, if you express concern over these activities, they might retaliate by turning up the volume or increasing what they have been doing - or sending a new batch of psyops related attacks.  added about 9:07 to 9:45 am: Also the people around the other TI might recognize your name when you send correspondence because of other previous activities - this might be another explanation for goosebumps that come up after sending emails - they might or might not be associated with the intended recipient. between about 9:50 and 10:40 am Goosebumps:  So to be clear:  goosebumps occurring during email exchanges might be because of an important connection between writer and intended email recipient, but it also needs to be considered two other or more possible parties involved.  It could include known people physically around in the room or in the cc:network with the email recipient.  It can include secretaries or volunteers who get the emails first.  In some cases, the first-seers are screeners who determine if an email is worth being sent on to the intended recipient.  It can include girl friends, wives, boyfriends, husbands, children in the house, and other personal relationships physicaly around the person.  Then in the cc:network it can include emails received then sent to someone because he/she thinks it might of vital interest to that person.  So goosebumps might happen during email correspondence because of that.  But they might occur in beyond the immediate vicinity reasons:  Gremlins, for example. Psychic visions can be messed with in a variety of ways; slipping in a false photo or video stream to the brain’s viewing centers seems possible or likely; when I pick up that something like that might be going on, I go ahead and list the psychic vision sometimes - particularly if it might be critical to someone’s life or safety in some way - but need to put a “weak” on the strength of its integrity or likelihood.  For example, yesterday’s vision about a man being put in the back of the seat of a car with handcuffs after sedation - taken from his house and/or prison cell - followed by abusive interrogation - has to be given a “weak” particularly after I slept on it and reckoned with some uncertainties I felt at the time of writing about it.  I suspect several things might be going on with that: ego and a sense of pressure - even if slight - to say something once the subject was introduced; this can run into second guessing false video stream sent to the brain other abduction scenarios and/or interrogation ones “bleeding through” to this vision; (incidentally, I am going to change the name of the expression today from bleed-thru to leak-over, will explain later.) Added about 9:10 to 9:45 am mst: I will reiterate that verbal abuse might be channeled; one context is emails and phone texts; deliberate teasing, put downs, avoidance of a sense of dealing with a real human (emotional detachment, lofty judgment, etc.)  The verbal abuse can include emotional detachment and non-belief of your concerns.  For example, a family member consistently channels “Your concerns about psychic/psychotronic attack are unlikely; you are paranoid; you have a mental ilness; you need real help.”  It’s like you are talking to a wall and to someone who is a silhouette on the wall - not a real person who can actively engage in a meaningful way with your material.  Other kinds of verbal abuse might be put downs on your character, looks, manhood, femalehood.  Also, bad energy can be channeled from the person through an unsuspecting or unwilling person.  I also suspect kill thoughts and kill deeds can be channeled in this way - latent terrorism.  Added between between about 9:50 and 10:40 am: Linked to aggression channels.  Also linked linked to evidence gathered about the people around that person.  TIs known issues with relationships (like triggers, hot buttons, fears) to bring them out at will.  In other words, an analogy is piggy-backing on a person’s normal fight/flight responses, or taking over the cock pit to run the plane.  One’s biochemcal and CNS, ANS, etc. systems are being snagged and manipulated to steer aggression in certain ways.  One way to look at this is the animal body which is the vehicle the spirit rides in has been at least partly taken over.  I feel one reason is to play God but also to make that other person look bad or do bad if he/she has come across as a peace-nik or a goody two shoes:   “See, you thought you were a hot shit - you’re in the mud like the rest of us.”  Added between about 9:50 and 10:40 am: Some of Gremlin attacks it might be discrimination, like male-first white guys against women.  Some of it might be blacks against whites including (but not limited to) retaliation by internatonalists and black Americans for abuses of Muslims in American prisons.  We might have a loop of activity involving ongoing responses and retaliation between certain groups played out covertly in society.  This can include pay-backs by repeating what is done to victims in prisons.   A white person being abused by blacks in this way might not be listened to as the voice gets drowned out in the anti-white supremacist noise being put out constantly by various civil rights and human rights groups, certain writers in the the media and elsewhere.  We have things so triggered in this country one way or another that certain kinds of abuse from either blacks or whites might get drowned out as voices from the crowd.  Abuse is abuse, no matter whether it is of a black or a white, brown, green, blue or yellow person….both blacks and whites need to come together in unity to fight torture, abuse, gangstalking and threats to national and global peace in general. Added about 9:10 to 9:45 am mst: I will add that when two TIs try to correspond - especially if one is particularly watched - heightened psyops types of activities seem to occur.  Things pick up, intensify, on the psychic realm - or in the space where the perpetrators tend to operate from For example, last night I had a possible sense of a police officer (possibly a chief or other higher up - has been a “beat” cop) coming to the house in a psychic or etheric doubling capacity; I felt he had beaten his wife or wives so badly she or they had been sent to the hospital.  He was connecting with me strongly; I won’t go into the details here.  He was responding to the material on this website, I feel.  This alerts me that we could be dealing with some police networks linked to the torture programs I have started discussing again in the past few days in a couple of areas on this website.  It is also connected to what I said about ex-wives who were mean to their husbands - vipers, bludgeoning instruments.  There is an interesting backlash I have picked up previously and again after posting that from some kinds of men - not what I would expect.  The abusers of wives can be triggered!  In fact, he might have been responding mostly to that, but he could be part of the overall underground network linked to prison abuse. Regarding my mention of shared phone lines as an analogy to phenomena associated with multiple parties (some undisclosed eavesdroppers and surreptitious participants) in email communication: I will also add that when I lived in Athens, Greece in the 1970s we had shared phone lines in which people could hear each other’s conversations.  That is probably a long-gone, dated thing and most readers might be clueless as to what I am talking about.  I remember being on the phone in the foyer of our second floor apartment (a space in a fourplex) using the phone to hear that my grandfather had died of a heart attack back in the USA and that we would have to fly out for the funeral; I feel we were hearing conversation noise from other phone users at that same time, or in similar scenarios, making it hard to hear messages. Added between about 9:50 and 10:50 am If you are a guy who has been victimized by a woman verbal abuser, remember energy usually comes with the words.  Try to remember what she said, how she said it and what kind of body language and energy was used.  If you are a person like a second or third generation American, identify if it was someone in your same racial, ethnic or cultural group because it can be important in terms of context and how things are said or energy generated.  This came up for me recently when I realized some of what I might be picking up around an abuse scenario in which the man was a victim is that both people might be of the same ethnicity.  Because the feeling could be wrong (she might have been Anglo Saxon or black, for all I knew - I don’t recall seeing a photo of her), I was hesitant to say that some of the abuse feels to be in the force of resonance of ethnicity, it’s partly coming in those channels.  
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