ONGOING CONCERNS ABOUT ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND ABUSE 08/23/2017 enslavement - psychics have told me someone tried to enslave me - didnt believe at first - now realize its possible 08/22/2017 There are some shifts going on.  I have had psychic confirmation in my own way that I am indeed being targeted and some kind of technology and/or other psychic type of attack has been used on me - through overhearing telepathically what I believe are perpetrators talking it over among themselves - this happened yesterday.  Something to the effect that I had changed direction on them, that is, I had done something differently than expected by someone they tell themselves is usually easily pacified, contained, thwarted or re-directed once they sent a burst of electronic attack energy into my space.  Whatever it was that I did yesterday, it was in their minds a minor deviation from normal patterns.  In my opinion, it simply reflects their tendency to over-simplify what they think they know about me - they have, I believe, been gathering evidence through cell phones with family and others, emails and getting into my laptop - because the vibe was always there.  They have been trying to profile me, in other words and second guess my habits. Of course, telepathic “hearing” is not definable as evidence that I am being stalked.  We need physical proof.  What I am saying here, by own experiences, in my own way, something clicked yesterday; a certain kind of confirmation was generated.  It’s no longer a question in my mind that I am being stalked by people with some kind of technology; it’s a matter of who and how to stop it.  However, we still need unquestionable physical evidence.  Perhaps some of you reading this can help; whistleblowers inside the police force, policing agencies, hired snitches, neighbors who have been bribed, questioned or told to watch; etc.  I also feel some people in the area have tried to see if I am being followed, quiet watchers.  I feel I was followed to my residence area several times with turn-arounds at least three-five times, with the most recent a few days ago.  There is always the feeling of being followed (a vibe) before it happens.  Different cars.  In an area where people would not be normally turning in and doing that turn-around thing.  Sometimes it feels like they are cutting me off to get in front of me and show me a religious bumper sticker - but that is less certain than the turn-arounds near the residence.  It’s like they are following to find out where I live, once they know, they turn around.  Sometimes I turn down other streets first or whatever.  People will break laws over religious fundamentalism and will retaliate;  so too they will retaliate over non-white racial issues especially if they mix religion with race.  I don’t play into the poor me thing done by some non-whites - I push back over reverse discrimination.  It puts me in a position for retaliation by different groups who want to push their agendas on someone who does not play into their realities.  My intention to not be dominated by religious fundamentalism seems to increase efforts at both force and sales - the refusal to do the little woman thing.  Ostracism seems to include refusing to help a woman on cars without cheating, lying or playing some kind of head trip over the situation - I still believe there is a network involved.  I have had warnings on a psychic level to get out of the Four Corners area, and I agree it is part of the problem - however, stalking has occurred in Cottonwood, Flagstaff and Valle Arizona and the general Portland vicinity.  I feel part of it is connected to non-whites and part of it could be connected to me-first males (see this website for that).   In other words, part of it is over racial competition with whites and part of it is anger over women.  I am getting hit from at least two directions by being a white female who is fairly liberal and an individualist.  This is one of the stalking categories mentioned, but remember, anyone can be gangstalked for a variety of reason or just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (like being on a list). I would check for Hispanic-Islamic-Native American connections to the gangstalking; the Navajo Reservation and other reservations have come up in my radar in the past three years, including surveillance around gas stations or fast food on reservations.  I felt it in Oregon and suspected I was being stalked from there from a vibe that came up.  We need to ask if it is originating with tribes, or with big business entities hooking into tribes - I would check out both possibilities.  For example, China, Russia or Islamic groups might be “helping” American tribes.  Another obvious issue are drug sales in remote areas on reservations.  Most tribal people don’t want trouble and are not part of the terrible cartel and international intrigues, but it is well known reservations can have problems in a variety of ways.  My personal choice would be to break up reservations and re-incorporate them into the overall country - probably a highly unpopular idea.  The land could be sold off to tribes for their own private use and distribution to future generations, but I feel the government should be out of it.  I think the federal connections to tribes are part of the corruption problem. 8/21 and 8/22/2017 As of today, current notes material will be moved to the older notes section, probably as 2017-21.  I had what for me is a concluding sense of confirmation that I am indeed being stalked with invasive electronic technology yesterday when I telepathically overheard someone say something to the effect of “I don’t get it.  She usually is passive and compliant when given an instruction or zapped.”  I knew at the time I had done something that was counter to their expectations and had somewhat surprised them.  Again, I am feeling the attacks as a sensation of sucking of energy, quasi-pain in the upper back, spine or back chakra and chest region.  Repeated efforts at describing this to family has resulted in zero response or support and I do place the blame both in the hands of the family and the perpetrators.  Although I feel the family has been and is influenced by these attackers, there is something about how the people orchestrate their thoughts and choices in life which also enters in.  As I have said many times over the years, it will take outside intervention by people who are not part of the Farmington, New Mexico cultural (religious, racial, gender, socioeconomic) problems to get anything real done - the family is part of the problem, not the solution.  Although there has been financial help (not a lot - survival level), it seems to be in the hands of the attackers and/or manipulated so that thieves continue to try to get at it using subversive and direct tactics.  I believe there is stealth technology being used outside the mainstream understanding to get at a target’s source of funds.  I also feel illegal retaliation is being used on targets  There are certain things I can continue to do, other things are more difficult.  The attacks seem to include creating a feeling of shame, or bringing the person back to a state where old feelings of shame are remembered.  It also seems to include prohibition of intention.  I suspect some of it is from men who like to feel power over women; part of it feels like minority women who like to feel power over whites; the reaal issue seems related to past issues of slavery - it can include the Holocaust and Confederate slavery.  The people, in expressing their hatred for past abuses of their race have in turn become the new fascists, the new tyrants.  The circle is complete. My repeated message is that outside intervention into a cycle of abuse like this - abuse that has been going on for decades - is to work with the target’s strengths and try to compensate for weaknesses or vulnerabilities.  Where one person might be weak, another might be strong or stronger.  Understand the gaps in functionality in the target - some things are working OK, other things are not - much like a car might still have functional parts even though it is not running at full speeed.  Understand the technology for what it is - bring in people who know what is possible in stealth targeting of targets - stop the cycle of ignorance and prevention around the target.  Realize that Farmington’s high oil and gas and coal power technologies, along with tribal affiliations and corruption, are one source of the problems.  Religious pressures in the area try to get everyone to believe the same thing and operate under one belief structure.  Social services have a culture for dumbing down or narrow thinking which prevents a person from saying “I think I am a target of illegal government surveillance and electronic harassment.”  In addition, the social services might be hooked into by covert networks with an agenda for keeping women in their place - to instruct, shame, guide, steer, punish, take control.  Social services can be traps for more invasion and control games.  When both family and social services do not help in any meaningful sort of way, you have to find people who know the games that can be played. There are a few main groups I would look into: 1. Nation of Islam, La Raza, Islamic groups speaking out about Confederate slavery, entire lost villages and family lines in the Holocaust 2. Self-serving military-government-fossil fuels - people running things like another country, like a separate empire -that link might have started as far back as when the first machines required petro and petro became a “thing” - I would trace back the history of petro, including old Arabian leaders in that field 3. A weird link between a strand of the UK, parts of Germany and Eastern Europe (incl. the Kremlin) - royalty, seers, bloodlines, secrets 4. Something about the French and the Greeks also continues to come up 5. Never forget China 6. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine and other areas Russia seems to be wanting to encroach upon - ask if there is a Jewish link, an old East German link or an old Ottoman link to that
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