08/22-23/2017 Arizona corruption, ADOT corruption and motor vehicle division corruption nation-wide Motor Vehicle Division corruption is coming up - Arizona and New Mexico  Motor Vehicle Corruption Checked into both Arizona in general and AZ motor vehicle division (ADOT) corruption in particular, was reminded of this:  Corruption issues came up psychically in corresponding with ADOT today - a general sense of system corruption and danger, as well as a more particular sensation of a man who kills using rope as faked suicide hangings or vigilante killings-feels like he would go after someone.  I am thinking he might be linked to cowboy or ranching culture, might be in the olicing system or a neighborhood watch type. - I sense an Arizona link with this-have felt it before- Also in general have felt corruption around voting in Coconino County (Flagstaff, Williams) and possibly around something involving  State Parks in Cottonwood, AZ area - the State Parks thing might be linked to ADOT or something else. Strongly feel we need to investigate motor vehicle divisions in these two states and across the country Would still like “Uncle Mike” murder/suicide event, a cold case, checked out for foul play added 08/25/2017:  On a psychic level, I pick up years of hard work dealing with thugs ad the possibility of getting killed by them.  twoard the last year before his retirement, he apparently blows all of that away with a moment of rashness.  He had indicated worries about not getting an expected retirement.  I feel this issue should be investigated - what things were being discussed around his division of the FBI around htat time about retirement compensation?  He seemed to feel things were shaky about that.  Let me reiterate yet again: for most of the years after his death, I believed the main line report that he was guilty.  I never heard any mention to the contrary.  We all took it on faith the story was true.  Also, I mentioned earlier that I suspect FBI agents around the country, and possibly globe, wee being removed from productivity in preparation for 9/11 and/or a general take-over.  Where that idea might not fit in with my uncle is that he was about to retire - as I understand it, at the end of that very year.   The issue might be: was he removed to avoid paying his retirement?  Also, sometimes agents become consultants after retirement - so would he be removed to avoid future contact with the FBI in that capacity or any other capacity?  Is there any remote possibility his newer wife was a mole of some kind - what were her racial and religious affiliations before she met Mike?  Was she  Monarch or MKULTRA, for example?  Something at the FBI around that time was definitely making Mike nervous - he discussed it in the last letter before his death.  I sense something in his aura which suggests something was at him.  I have read of other cases in which cops and other police people are set up or framed.  Invisible fingers.  If a cop is suggesting this in his testimony, I think we need to consider two things:  he is lying or he is telling the truth.   Sometimes dirty cops are working with a network of buddies covering his back.  Other times, dirty cops are working against him. I lean toward thinking Mike was “the real deal” - he just kept doing his job and tried to stay alive all those years he was in the FBI.  I feel there might be an extra tendency to assume my concerns over Mike are just because he is family, but actually it worked the other way around for most of the years after his death - a tendency to follow a script might have kept us from digging further and asking the right questions which any of us deserve in a situation like that.  Wouldn’t you want someone to check out your suicide - and any associated murders - for foul play?  One reason I would beieve the story is there is a money thing in our family on that Butler side - tensions over money - too many repeated stories from the grandmother over early chld poverty and Depression Era woes - over and over and over again.  Tension over money definitely fits a possible motive for him flipping out, given what I know about our family on that side of the line.  My father has issues over money.  It’s kind of a lack mentality.  Since Mike was worried about retirement funding, feeling stresses and strains at the FBI, yes, it is possible that is exactly what caused him to flip out.   As the years go by, the people involve die off - we lost the ability to do a proper investigation into what was going around at the FBI around that time. I am perfectly prepared to accept that Mike was in fact gulty, but still think the overall situation at the time should be investigated.  This story tells us we should all cover the bases in investigations involving police people - get outside departments to check it out, don’t use internal people; be meticulous about forensic investigations and evidence; keep meticulous records about witnesses, check witnesses for biases, location, history of domestic violence, political leanings, etc.  In going over several New Mexico police related cases and/or victims in New Mexico, I am seeing tragic signs of lack of ethics and professionalism.  This means we have to not take other people’s word for things - we have to follow through on the details.  Gaining access to Mike’s file will take someone with the right security clearance.  Were there any other signs in his work history of losing his temper, flying off the handle with a gun, physical abue?  Is there any domestic violence with either wife I nevr heard of?    As an additional note, I would like to comment again on Uncle Mike (Michael Cullen Butler) previously of Las Vegas, Nevada. (see this website).  I still suspect he might have been murdered - could psychics and other investigators please check out his wife at the time? Although they seemed to be in love with a very good relationship, I always kind of wondered about her.   Also look into whether any cases he was working on at the time were retaliative?  I also suspect that certain FBI agents across the country were being exterminated in preparation for 9/11 (and possibly a take-over the country).  I suspect if this is the situation, Mike was not the only one.  They would have been agents who were basically “the real deal” - basically good agents and honest, loyal to the United States.  Would people please check these things out?  If you find any evidence, would you please make sure it gets to his brother?  Time is running out as people age. I don’t have a personal bias toward Mike in the sense I need to justify his death as a murder rather than an irresponsible and immoral act of murder of others and suicide.  My first response was instant belief, followed many years of belief, that what we were told about the nature of his demise, and that of two others, was true.  I trusted the report, as did the rest of my family.  Something was tugging at me, though, very lightly - hard to pinpoint - but something was indeed nagging at me in the background that things might not be as they seem. In addition, I was more likely to believe the corrupt cop story about my uncle years later as I did more and more research into police abuses and scandals.  Seeing many signs of corruption, my uncle’s story seemed more likely to be just another defective cop story.  But instead of fully engaging in that line of thinking, something else happened…..I started wondering even more whether my uncle had been snagged by something to make it look like he had murdered others and then killed himself. At this moment in time, I just simply do not know, and I never was given the full story (the gory details) - just a summary.  What I heard was that his ex-wife had called him, had said something that made him angry, his wife said he grabbed a gun in anger and stormed out of the house.  I later learned it might have been over money.  My question is that after many years of holding his temper, why would he drop his professional reserve over guns and blast away?  I also know from recently read letters that he was under more strain in his own mind than in all of his years in the FBI, which could have contributed to flipping out.  I still suspect the situation needs to be checked out with fresh eyes, perhaps as a cold case review.  Even though I did not know him well, and don’t feel I am particularly biased to protect family image or whatever, there is still the possibility of a subconscious motive to make him innocent by coming up with some notion or another.  From what little I know about his life as an FBI agent and his private life, he seemed to have kept his temper all those years and did not lose his cool in a violent manner - but then maybe I never heard back because his family and ours did not spend that much time together.  All of the years he was alive he was off in Vietnam or  lived other cities.  Visits were short and rare.  I do not recall sharing any meaningful conversations with him, and he always made me a little nervous.   As a distant family member with psychic intuition, I still think the situation needs to be checked out - but by someone who is objective.  I will repeat I did not like the vibes from a couple of FBI agents who apparently were coworkers or friends at the time of the funeral reception - I did not go to the actual burial ceremony.  I remember feeling something was off or at least was making me wonder.  At least one of them seemed creepy.  Again, this is not enough to go on.  I encourage people in the Las Vegas, Nevada area - even those in the FBI - to try to pull up old files on Mike and see if you can catch any forensic or other irregularities.  Also try to find who were the witnesses.  I really know very little, and perhaps it all is truly cut and dried about what happened. Paying psychics  - step in to help targets whose finances/employment, emotions, mental clarity are being attacked in various ways The thing about the psychic world of information is that ultimately it belongs to everyone and is free, but it takes many of us time and training to reach a level of proficiency.  What you are paying for is their time and trouble in years of training and personal development, as well as time and trouble to open themselves up to your problems or someone else’s problems.  Time taken away from doing something else that is also income or productive.  Emotional snagging can occur when sensitives connect to those problems found in readings - like seeing a child raped and abused, or a woman beaten to death.  Just looking in, you can become part of the story, the vibes are there with you, they might follow you into dreams or your general sense of well-being in life.  So I am not saying readers don’t deserve compensation, I am just saying many of us cannot afford them.  In this case, sometimes it takes someone else who has the money to step in and get the readings.  With these comments, I will leave off from Current Notes inserts for awhile while I focus on more details on the rest of this website. I like facts and details, accuracy and truth; sometimes by going back over material with more attention and focus, additional insights occur.  In addition, the material starts becoming better solidified in memory, making it easier to apply across various frameworks. One of the goals of this website is to make information more readily accessible as we follow certain trajectories, to connect the dots. 08/21/2017 In 8/19/2017 section below: Also see grassroots commentary/articles aon Charlottesville, VA incident , as well as comments by Julian Assange/Wikileaks in The Duran - Assange discusses comparable but more dangerous fascists in the Ukraine and sectarian politics in USA.  Also added later on 8/21/2017:  Huffington Post on Ukraine countering Assange’s ideas that it is fascist - good input on how Russia is, and why it might be saying that about Ukraine.  Material on recent ISIS conspirator indicted in Virginia. More on Fake or Deceptive pro-life clinics: Telegraph:  Abortion scandal inside Britains unregulated pro-life clinics. By Emma Barnett/Claire Newell/Holly Watt/Ben Bryant 02/11/2014) Undercover Telegraph reporters reveal what's really going on inside unregulated clinics that offer misleading information to women considering abortions What are Crisis Pregnancy Centres and where are they in the UK? By Emma Barnett, Claire Newell, Holly Watt and Ben Bryant, Graphic: Jack Kempster, Ben Hamilton(02/10/2014) Telegraph abortion investigation: There are more than 100 Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) across the UK. Here is a guide to what are they and where are they located are-they-in-the-UK.html 08/19/2017, Topics:  Two Democrat New Mexico poliiticans;  Charlottesville, VA racial/murder incident See also: Commentary: Ripe For Corruption (on New Mexico) It was moved today from this Notes section to a more permanent location in Systems Abuse, in connection with NM Corruption Martin Heinrich - Senator of New Mexico (Democrat) Note: Senator Heinrich sent a timely email to people on his mailing list voicing strong concerns about the recent tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Senator Martin Heinrich is the junior United States Senator for New Mexico. Elected in 2012, Heinrich serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources, Armed Services and Intelligence Committees He is the Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee and the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. With a background in engineering, Heinrich brings a unique perspective to the Senate, where he is focused on creating the jobs of the future and protecting the vital missions at New Mexico’s national labs and military installations. Heinrich is a committed advocate for New Mexico's middle-class families and a champion for his state’s burgeoning clean energy economy and treasured public lands. An avid sportsman and conservationist, Heinrich works to protect New Mexico’s public lands, watersheds, and wildlife for future generations. He worked with local communities to designate the Río Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monuments. Heinrich also led the effort to create the Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Area, establish the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Los Alamos, and transition the Valles Caldera National Preserve to National Park Service(Heinrich bio). As a member of Democratic Party, Heinrich was the U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 1st congressional district from 2009 to 2013. Heinrich won the Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Jeff Bingaman in 2012.  Heinrich was mentioned as a possible nominee for vice president in 2016 under Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. However, Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia was later selected for the ticket. (Wikipedia) LIVE: I’m questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the firing of former FBI Director Comey & #TrumpRussia ties On opioid and heroin addictions in NM - AmeriCorps Vista program: For years without adequate treatment resources, our state has suffered through some of the highest rates of opioid and heroin addiction in the nation. The opioid epidemic has been deeply felt in communities across New Mexico, especially in places like Rio Arriba County. We know the devastating toll opioid addiction can take on families. I’m proud to announce a new AmeriCorps VISTA program to fight the opioid crisis in Rio Arriba County, which has one of the highest heroin overdose death rates in the country. This project is critical for organizations on the front lines of confronting this epidemic, and will allow families to access much-needed treatment and rehabilitation. Damon Ely - House of Representatives District 23 New Mexico (Democrat) Having been a lawyer for 34 years and still practicing today, Daymon has focused his career on holding negligent attorneys accountable for their actions. He led the fight against the hospital in Las Vegas, NM to ensure that the patients residing there received proper treatment. He was a lead attorney in a class action lawsuit against Crowe Paradise Holding Co. LLC where workers were being denied the full measure of their benefits. And over the years, Daymon has represented numerous children and their families who have been victims of abuse by Catholic priests.  Daymon received the Public Justice Achievement Award from the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the NM Trial Lawyer Journal and was President of the NM Trial Lawyers AssociationFrom 2000-2004, Daymon served on the Sandoval County Commission and was its chair in 2004. While a county commissioner, he worked diligently on various projects that have had a lasting impact on the community. Projects like:  Getting the county’s books back on track and passing a state audit for the first time in years The development of a new Health Commons which provides various healthcare needs and social benefits for low income families.  The development of a first of its kind recycling project that converted 35% of the local landfill into recycled waste Reorganizing the fire department so that firefighters have the necessary resources to serve the public Development of a coordinating transportation service that expanded the Rail Runner and made it easier for residents to access it.  Daymon served on the board of the Womens’ Community Association, which is dedicated to helping women who are victims of abuse. He also served on the board of Tricklock, a local theater company. Daymon also volunteers his time at the First Choice Community Health Center in Albuquerque’s south valley where he helps low income families with consumer issues ensuring that they are not taken advantage of.  Daymon has lived in his house in Corrales for over 30 years. He has been married to Cynthia Fry, a former court of appeals judge, for 32 years. Other Legislation - Bill Title: Prohibits Public Shaming of Students Who Can't Pay for Lunch Passed (House) (60-0) - March 17, 2017 Legislation - Bill Passed (Senate) (30-7) - March 9, 2017 From: students-who-cant-pay-for-lunch#58966 New Mexico Political Report: Trump Needs to Go: By Daymon Ely (08/17/2017) Note: Excerpt: However, there is something new.  We now have a President who has revealed himself.  He is sympathetic with these angry hateful people.  And these evil people have taken solace in the President’s lack of meaningful condemnation.  David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, thanked the President for his support.  This has shaken me as it should all people of good will, Republicans, Democrats and people of every political persuasion. Hatred and bigotry should not fall on party lines. While deep divisions on policy and conduct have developed between our two major parties, I have always hoped that we could all agree on this one point; that hate does not belong in our society. Charlottesville, Virginia  white male drives car through crowd, kills an innocent woman Added commentary from The Golden River on 08/21/2017: Consider the following: -Psyops operations involved in Charlottesville - a planned display to rile people up and maneuver events toward a pre-chosen outcome, ie - oust Trump and put Obama back in, topple government, put in Islamic fascists - or to simply divide the USA up and break it apart.  -Nation of Islam might be bribing certain actors on the stage of discontent, rabble rousing, demonstrations by counter-movements (filled with people calling off the KKK, etc.); consider Nation of Islam is in our media creating fake news, stirring up emotions.  Think of any similar terrorist group that has lied, stolen, killed and destroyed people to get at what it wants for itself.  No matter the  actual source of the possible psyops, always remember a main point of this website: conspiracy = cons piracy.  Black supremacists behind the psyops (including psycops)?  White supremacists? China?  Russia?  Saudi Arabia? -Notice several of the so-called neo-Nazis and alt. right look potentially like mixed bloods - darker hair, almond or off-white skin - most are not robust pink-faced, fair skinned, blue-eyed blondes, in other words.  Could this be a clue of some kind? -Assange (article in The Duran below) also includes a comment about the possibility of China giving billions to support neo-Nazis; consider any group doing that - including a stage front by super wealthy Islamic shahs to set the stage for war or a take-over -Notice the voices coming out in the news; even if you feel it is fake news or hopelessly slanted, use that information on strategic characters to see if who they are working for can be identified, or any other sourcing information; also use the information to identify where they are going with it, like trends projecting into the future.  It might show up some of their emotional weaknesses or ego traps. -Notice the high drama, which can operate as sensationalism when recounted in the media, driving attention toward one aspect and potentially away from something else.   Is something else going on in the background, in Virginia or somewhere else?  For example, here are just two things about Virginia: Wikileaks: Year Zero, Vault 7 material - small insert on location in Virginia Excerpt:  The first full part of the series, "Year Zero", comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina. Justice dot gov:  Virginia man pleads guilty terrorism charges (08/16/2017) Excerpt: Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges.  Lionel Williams, 27, of Suffolk, Va., pleaded guilty today to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Dana J. Boente; Special Agent in Charge Martin Culbreth of the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office; and Chief Thomas E. Bennett of Suffolk Police, made the announcement after U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen accepted the plea.  According to the statement of facts filed with the plea agreement, Williams attempted to send money to a person he believed was an ISIS financier on two occasions, believing the money would be used to kill….In March 2016, he publicly declared his support for ISIS on social media, described his hope that ISIS would take over the U.S., and stated he would decapitate any law enforcement agents he caught surveilling him. After donating money to an individual he believed to be an ISIS financier - but was actually a persona adopted by an FBI employee - Williams was told his donation had helped purchase a rocket-propelled grenade. He responded with an Arabic phrase meaning, “Praise be to Allah, and Allah is the Greatest.” Later in 2016, Williams began discussing plans for a martyrdom operation with a woman living outside the U.S Added websites 08/21/2017: Grassroots:  Charlottesville aftermath DC Alternative News Round. By Grassroots DC, on August 15th, 2017 Excerpt:  A quick search revealed no reports from local television news of last weeks events in Charlottesville or the solidarity marches that followed.  Fortunately, the District also has reporters who routinely imbed with the activists and organizers at these events.  Here is reporting from two of them.  Article one: One Dead After Car Plows into Anti-Racist March in Charlottesville, by John Zanga/DC Media Group.  Article two: DC Remembers Charlottesville with march from WWII Memorial to Confederate statue by MPDwritten by Luke.  DC Independent Media Center.  See also video: The Duran:  Julian Assange of Wikileaks asks why the US said nothing when Obama supported Ukrainian neo-Nazis. by  Adam Garrie   (08/14/2017) Excerpt:  1/ What neither side of US politics wants to admit: the promotion of identity politics combined with the declining white super majorityIn the above Tweet, Assange has juxtaposed a neo-Nazi torch march in Kiev with the far-right torch march in  Charlottesville. Apart from the torches, it is clear that the Ukrainian fascists were far more equipped for violence as they were wearing bullet-proof combat gear and facial coverings. Apart from this, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis got scant political coverage in the western media in spite of the fact that their actions included overthrowing a legitimate government as recognised by the United Nations and the installation of a fascist regime which continues to wage a war of aggression on the peoples of Donbass. This war  has included the use of chemical weapons on civilians. Beyond this, Ukraine is also a bigger nuclear disaster waiting to happen than North Korea. While Pyongyang has stated that its weapons are defensive, the nuclear power stations in Ukraine continue to violate multiple internationally recognised safety standards. The possibility of another Ukrainian nuclear disaster in the place where Chernobyl occurred in 1986 looms heavily over the region….If the US really cared about ending sectarian strife it should stop arming it abroad and encouraging it at home….Think one protester being killed in political violence bad? Just wait until China gives neo-Nazis billions in arms, cash and training….1/ What neither side of US politics wants to admit: the promotion of identity politics combined with the declining white super majority .  . Huffington Post:  Is Ukraine Fascist? By Alexander MotylUsed here as a countering view to above article on Julian Assange in The Duran regarding Ukrainian neo-nazis Excerpt: Although there are often two sides to a story, in this case, there really isn’t. The Kremlin is dead wrong, and even though Ukraine isn’t quite the consolidated democracy that its government says it is, the country is certainly far more democratic now than it was just over a year ago. And, despite some zigzags, it is becoming more democratic with every day.  Let’s start with a brief discussion of what fascism is and then ask whether any of Ukraine’s present or past government fits the bill….WHY PUTIN CALLS UKRAINE FASCIST So why, then, do Putin and his supporters see fascism ablaze in Kyiv? There are several reasons for this bizarre charge. First, as the above characterization of fascism’s key features should have suggested, the country that possesses all of them is not Ukraine — but Putin’s Russia. Its democratic institutions are at best moribund, having been transformed into pliant tools of the Kremlin; civil society and the press have been severely circumscribed; representatives of the military and secret police dominate all ruling elites and suffuse them with their antidemocratic ethos; the Russian nation and state are unabashedly glorified; Putin is the undisputed leader, and his macho image exudes vigor, youth and manliness; a variety of rabidly pro-Putin youth groups act as the vanguard of the state; the population overwhelmingly supports Putin and has done so since he assumed the presidency; ethnocentrism, a mistrust of both internal and external foreigners and a corresponding glorification of Russia’s past (including its criminal Stalinist period) and present are the official worldview; Russia has taken to asserting its “rightful” place in the sun by engaging in war against Georgia and Ukraine.   Earlier from 08/19/2017, includes editing and add-ons on 08/20/2017 Reuters: Excerpt: The lawsuit names Fields, "Unite the Right" rally organizer Jason Kessler and about two dozen alt-right leaders and organizations as defendants. "There was no doubt that violence was intended at this rally," the pair said in the lawsuit, noting that participants came bearing shields and weapons. Kessler has denied that the event was intended to provoke violence, contending that the counter-protesters sparked the fighting and blaming police for failing to protect his group. He could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.Fields has been charged with second-degree murder for killing Heather Heyer with his car, and additional charges for the other 19 people injured. He was denied bail at a Monday court hearing. Mediaite: Double Standards in reporting (opinion piece). By Joseph A. Wulfsohn (08/19/2017) Excerpt:  As awful as [Alex] Jones is, he is part of the media and one that always counters the narrative established by the mainstream media. Many dismiss him as “fake news,” but he is still an influential figure since he has an audience of millions of people. He doesn’t fit the media’s narrative. Meanwhile, neo-Nazis and the KKK certainly fit the media’s narrative that our country is more racist now because of President Trump, at least that’s what they want us to believe. So they’ll give folks like David Duke all the airtime in the world just to make Trump look bad.  It’s important to get a good grasp on reality and the only way you can do that is if you have a better understanding of all sides of it instead of the one that’s being spoon-fed to you.  Do your research, expose yourself to numerous points of view (such as my own), and draw your own conclusions. Buzzfeed: Here’s What Really Happened In Charlottesville. By Blake Montgomery (08/13-14/2017) Who came ready for violence? Was it on “many sides”? The answers are clearer on the ground. charlottesville?utm_term=.atVMXbxMO#.osK8x4d8K Excerpt:  Was this an assault by racist extremists on innocent, rightly outraged Americans? Was it a clash between “many sides,” as President Trump notoriously said? Was the scale of the white supremacist threat blown out of proportion? Was the violence of the black-hooded “antifa” understated?  The answers are clearer on the ground than they are in the filter bubbles driven by fierce partisan argument on social media and cable news. They are complicated but not ambiguous. Here are a few: * The right-wing protesters were relatively homogenous — in ideology and appearance — and largely ready for violence. They ranged from old-line racists like the Ku Klux Klan to the ones who wear polo shirts instead of hoods who try to brand themselves “alt-right.” There was no ambiguity about their cause — they demand the nation become whiter, and they are emboldened by a White House administration they believe makes that promise when the president yells “America first.” * The counterprotesters, in contrast, represented a far broader spectrum of the American center and left. There were self- identified “anti-fascists”; Black Lives Matter activists from around the country; religious leaders, including around 100 Christian ministers wearing their clerical collars; furious Charlottesville residents; and garden-variety liberals from as far away as Seattle. A handful of the “anti-fascists” wore Black Bloc garb — black shirt, black pants, black balaclava — to conceal their identities from police, though most did not. * The right-wingers were more prepared for violence. Most white supremacist and Nazi groups arrived armed like a paramilitary force — carrying shields, protective gear, rods, and yes, lots of guns, utilizing Virginia’s loose firearm laws. They used militarized defensive maneuvers, shouting commands at one another to “move forward” or “retreat,” and would form a line of shields or a phalanx — it’s like they watched 300 a few times — to gain ground or shepherd someone through projectiles. It seemed that they had practiced for this.   On Friday night, white supremacists gathered for an eerie torchlit march through the University of Virginia. They fought with counterdemonstrators and menacingly encircled student activists who held the line at the statue of Thomas Jefferson — the image of the darker circle of students surrounded by the light from burning tiki torches becoming an image that traveled widely on social media. The torch-bearers were chanting the Nazi slogan “blood and soil” and the KKK mantra “You will not replace us.” Richard Spencer led a similar march in Lee Park on May 15 to protest the removal of the statue of Lee….Through the day, the right-wing extremists brawled with the leftists who had really come to fight, all in a park formerly named for a Confederate general. The day got bloodier and more dangerous until 1:45 p.m., when a young man identified by police as James Alex Fields, 20, drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of anti-racist counterdemonstrators, and peeled away in reverse. He allegedly injured 19 people and killed one, Heather Heyer, in the act of terrorism.  Hard to see from afar, but intensely visible on the ground, were the different shades of right-wing extremist. They included new racist and personalities like social media personality Baked Alaska, Spencer, and Identity Evropa, a white supremacist group that argues for pure European heritage, alongside more old-school hate groups like the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, affiliated with the KKK, and the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization that held its ornate banner, which clearly evokes a Swastika, aloft throughout the day. Fields was marching with Vanguard America, a small white nationalist organization, wearing the group’s uniform and carrying its shield.  A few of the counterprotesters — namely members of a group called Redneck Revolt — were armed with shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols.  But there were many more guns on the right, many carried by a group called the Three Percenters, a heavily armed “patriot” militia group that’s acted as security at other alt-right rallies in Portland and elsewhere. The group’s views align more with libertarianism — fundamentalist interpretations of the Constitution and an emphasis on personal liberty — than with the alt-right. charlottesville?utm_term=.atVMXbxMO#.osK8x4d8K Boston Reuters: Thousands turn out in Boston to march against hate speech (08/19/2017) 08/14/2017 Page started: USS Liberty On another note, when I was doing research on the Populist movement earlier this year, I ran into some disturbing trends already showing up in the country’s history (mid to late 1800s) which sounded too similar to existing politics. This alerted me that the same groups might be involved.  One of the groups that popped out was immigrated Irish Catholics and possibly Irish-Scottish Catholics.  Since the Irish mafia was suspected around the Kennedys and other Irish families over American historical time, we need to continue to consider it a possibility.  Linking that to the Russians or other Eastern Europeans seems to be good course of investigative study, as well. 08/13/2017 For discussion below, see any material on the history of the historian Marc Bloch and the French resistance movement against the Nazis during World War II - here is one introductory piece: The French were a more enlightened citizenry in many respects and had already had warning bells go off about intolerance over Jews (Alfred Dreyfus Case Affair.html, etc).  They had heard the arguments supporting tolerance, in other words.  We can say they knew better, or at least differently, than to blindly follow the Nazis.  So the energy to me is especially squirrelly when I sense those young people around Bloch who were playing games.  But there was some ignorance, too, of course.  Youth does not see what could be around the corner of time.  The petty concerns of youth eventually are impacted by reality checks as cause and effect become more clear.  What they judged in another (the effects of age and “losing touch”) happens to them.  What seems smart or cute turns out to be temporary or trivial.  In addition, I sense perhaps one young woman had been accosted by the Nazis - maybe even in her home.  Whether or not that is true, people were being intimidated to act as snitches.  Some recent and old concerns around Jewish cults: Washington Report: The Changing Role of B'nai B'rith's Anti-Defamation League. By Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal (originally 1993, later 11/30/2009) The significance of the New York Times article below is that I have picked up psychically a type of Jew who feels possibly like a “black gypsy” and in what is felt by that type to be in a diaspora.  These people also could be attacking planes and other things as terrorism designed to end the diaspora.  I realize the article is old and I am not sure what is going on with these black Jews today, but notice the various related agencies and organizations which might have extant associations to spy rings, terrorism, and more. New York Times (1981) Also see: Washington Report:  The Assault on the USS Liberty Still Covered Up. By James M. Ennes Jr. (06/1993) Excerpt:  Key members of the Lyndon Johnson administration have long agreed that this attack was no accident. Perhaps most outspoken is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer. "I can never accept the claim that this was a mistaken attack," he insists.  Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk is equally outspoken, calling the attack deliberate in press and radio interviews. Similarly strong language comes from top leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency (some of whose personnel were among the victims), National Security Council, and from presidential advisers such as Clark Clifford, Joseph Califano and Lucius Battle. 08/12/2017 The Daily Beast:  The Klansmen and mobsters in Donald Trump’s closet later 08/11/2017 Brookings: The 110 billion arms deal to saudi arabia is fake news (06/05/2017) 08/11/2017 Banking Issues page started in System Abuse.  Not a whole lot in there yet, will be built up intermittently.  Includes or will include the Islamic bank Al Rajhi Bank used to support/fund 9/11, federal reserve bank corruption, various bank scandals.  Saudis + Red, White and Blues:  Saudi (with varied “poor me” and “ego building” minority interests) + American red white and blues/guns  on left and crosses on right types (military/police mafia/big business/illegal drug/weapons sales Since the psychic attacks during “email world” activities is constant, I am going to have to assume most of it is from the NSA, FBI or some other illegal network - either one fronting as official policing or a direct organized crime unit - and the two might be best thought of as the same thing.  The minority “poor me” link comes with various folds and turns and does seem to me to definitely include cold- blooded murder in the 9/11 attacks, aviation-related plane disasters involving both known and covert terrorist attacks and mechanical sabotage; it includes illegal drug sales which victimizes millions of minors and others - a hideous form of child abuse and societal abuse; various forms of barbaric weapons sales; and more.  The Red, White and Blues link also comes in various folds and turns.  It can include white guys marrying Hispanic females or Native American females who are linked to cartel and/or tribal government corruption.  It can include disenfranchised, sour whites who feel minorities give them more and are nicer to them than their ex-white girlfriends or wives.  It can include whites who feel the white race “owes” minorities - a consciously chosen or brainwashed pity for minorities.  Brainwashing might come in from cartels pushing subliminally or through abductions or prisoner of war torture (mind controlled white victims). San Juan College, College Boulevard, Farmington, New Mexico - I suspect their use of police mafia on me Possible link to Navajo tribe surveillance and stalking corruption through police networks both on and off the reservation.  I felt a menacing, possibly gang-related presence in both certain minorities and “red, white and blue” whites on the campus.  I feel there is something going on at that campus which is creepy and hard to pinpoint.  It’s a vibe, psychic impressions, some things said, body language, facial expressions, attitudes.  Preferential treatment of some groups, possible nepotism and cronyism, tribe and white/Navajo mixes/marriage mixes trying to turn it into Navajo preference/control rather than a diverse school for all people.  Bad tuition refund policy (greed).  Possible Mormon preference. earlier 08/10/2017 Something came up in general around Sheriff Richard Mack -  Arizona HIGH psychic imagery; continue being alert about “muddying of psychic waters” through third party email interceptors or others getting hold of emails or email related material.  Check all the bases. Warning Bells Going Off psychically - ropes, strangling, rapes, horses/cowboy motif, burning, burning of evidence, some kind of connection with Navajo or Native American.  I feel whoever it is could kill someone, might be associated with others.  Came up in email world so we need to consider third party interceptor muddiness (it could be someone other than Mack who read the profile change).  I was not corresponding with Sheriff Mack at all today, but had sent a change in email address through his organizations Constitutional Sheriff’s website’s profile section found at the bottom of newsletters.  It sends an email for a change of profile.  As soon as I emailed itback to his organization, bad energy came up, strong visuals of a murderous strangling and hanging rope, these sense of planning a murder (it feels like mine).  This is what came up for me: I was already on their radar as a liberal from signing up for newsletters and I believe sending in one to two emails. I had not caught on yet to the suspicion they might be right extremists, was drawn to “constitutional.”   We also need to consider whether it is someone else in his organization, maybe someone in admin, who saw the profile change come in, saw it was from the website The Golden River, and started feeling antsy because they thought I might be trying to follow their doings through their newsletters, and might be on to something.  That is the vibe I was picking up right of the bat - like I was someone they did not want sniffing around - why was I interested in their newsletters?  What was my real agenda?  Should they nip the situation in the bud and come after me? Should I post this on this website if he’s watching? Would his group be linked to the people who sabotaged me In Valle, Arizona within the past two years? If you went investigating who was really involved in removing  (or causing to have removed) that shed and stealing those non-related solar lights, what would you find? Would it have any ties to Mack’s right wing group - I don’t think he had anything to do with it per se - but it might be an extended related network floating between Williams, Flagstaff and Valle, if not further out like into the Grand Canyon sphere.  I debated where to put this information because I feel he could be watching this website as I included a link to it in the updated profile today.  After picking up that bad energy which came up directly after editing the profile for his newsletter sendings (it has to do with a data bank associated with who he sends newsletters to), I started looking more into Sheriff Mack - I was looking for anyone on the internet warning that he was suspected/known of crimes; I found an old lawsuit involving The Brady Law in the 1990s in which he sued the federal government; a place where he ran for office with a Navajo; and  he is on a Right Wing Watch with several articles here:  Although he indicates he is a Constitutional Sheriff, he could be one of those disgruntled police people taking justice into his own hands with a particular anger package connected with extreme violence.  What people need to do with this material is ask if what I am picking up is extraneous, like is it coming from someeone else reading the emails; if it is Sheriff Mack, do some checking.  Also consider that I could be being stalked by certain types of people using other people to do their dirty deeds.  What you can rely on here is that the imagery is extremely strong and is like weird precognitive vision discussed in my Personal Notes section.  It has that level of manifestation-in process to it.  The other possibility is that he has already killed someone using that approach, and I am picking up on a murder. I strongly encourage private investigators and others to look both into Sheriff Mack and the psychic manifestations mentioned here.  Again, it might not be Sheriff Mack; it might be something else going on, so that needs to be looked into, too.  This is an unusually violent psychic vision and includes feeling sensations.  We can ask if they are operating on the astral or in a parallel level.  We can ask if it is not Sheriff Mack, is it a La Raza or similar connected group coming in through tribal peoples and others.  I started picking p that sort of thing again after sending emails to Planned Parenthood.  It could more of a La Raza/Nation of Islam weird dark magic thing penetrating everything I come in contact with.  In fact, do check that out as well.  ONe of things they seemed to be dong was influencing ObamaCare for personal agendas.  These people in the airwaves seem to be angry over imbalances between whites and minorities.  I will add that I sent an email recently to yet someone else I won’t mention here and did NOT experience weird psychic attacks but found my sensitivity went into overdrive so I could not respond to him.  I suspect the people involved are linked to the Catholic Church through minority groups as well as other churches.  Sometimes I pick up more of a black Caribbean withcraft thing than at other times.  Sometimes I feel something really disgusting, like they are eating gross things. 08/07/2017 This section has been moved to a new System Abuse - Psychic Attack-Group Terror page. 08/06/2017 Religious Abuse JW (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Doomsday Cult Continued work on the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) Abuse section, both in New Mexico and beyond.  Have not been as tuned into JW as the Catholic church scandals unless what I have been picking up psychically was at least partly JW and I did not know it, but at least one Albuquerque news group suggested numbers of victims comparable to those with Catholic Church in New Mexico: [Major Paedophilia problem within the Jehovah Witness religion. Doomsday Cult third in a series of civil lawsuits against the Jehovah’s Witnesses is happening in New Mexico.KOAT-TV story from Aug 16, 2013] 6450280 torture-to-force-its-members-not-to-leave Unions Union Mobs I would also like more information on direct (palpable, visible) and indirect (invisible fingers) violence and mob activities in Boeing mechanics (machine) unions.  Includes history of union mobs in general in both USA and early Europe. Added to Aviation World Corruption Unions and Corruption (new subsection added today)  See link below: Union Blues: Aviation World Corruption involving unions (In System Abuse-Aviation Corruption-Union Corruption on this website).  It includes general union problems. California Policy Center: How Unions use scab lists to intimidate workers. By Carl Horowitz (06/18/2015)!#comment-31907 Excerpt:  Unions have long sought to demonize replacement workers, union members who cross picket lines, and others whom the unions label “scabs.” Sometimes, this takes the form of implied or explicit threats or other efforts to create fear and to intimidate. 08/05-06/2017 Snagging moved here on 08/07/2017:  Psychical-Snagging    Snagging  08/04-05/2017: Reveal News - articles on Jehovahs Witnesses child sex abuse - has been placed on Jehovah’s Witnesses page Certain policing agencies need need to realize that we are still in a country that supports due process procedures, and the police are not the judge, jury and executioner.  08/03 notes on Watchtower booth at Aztec Public Library I complained about a group of Watchtower people who had parked themselves and a booth in front of the Aztec Public Library, Aztec, New Mexico.  I learned in the process of complaining about it that the library director had given them permission. That director has a UK related voice (British or Australian, most likely) and is a relatively recent arrival after a hiatus when the last one left. I alerted Americans United, a church and state separatist organization, and asked if anything could be done. No real answers there, but I was provided ideas as to the scope of the problem and what I could do to see if the library director was showing favoritism to one religious group or approach.  The commercial complex also houses The Boys and Girls Club of Aztec and is next to a county recycling center. I do not know if the recycling is part of the same complex or not.  Public school children come to the library during school hours in a line with their teachers from the nearby public school(s) and some seem to hang out after school in some capacity. Whether it is a formal after-school program with the school district I do not know.   Because of state, county and possibly mixed local/governmental/educational funding, placing a private religious enterprise in the direct walkway to the library two days a week to me seemed inappropriate and frankly arrogant.  I informed at least two associates with the library that it was prudent to observe church and state separation.  I took photos of the women and some of their booth’s visual materials on the walkway.  Got a photo of their van’s license plate. Subsequently being followed by Awake magazine promoter I was feeling followed and watched one day, which is often the case.  Sure enough, as soon as I parked at a particular laundromat, a woman pulled up and parked beside me.  She immediately got out of her car and came over to my driver’s side of the car where I was sitting with the window rolled up; she knocked on the window - because she looked well groomed and well dressed, I mistakenly assumed she was probably OK and rolled down the window - turns out she was promoting an Awake magazine; I told her firmly that under no circumstances would I be interested - it was mostly like this “NO.  Absolutely NOT.”  I think she was either one of the people at the Aztec library I had complained about or she had seen my bumper stickers Church and State Separation: It Was a Good Idea Back Then and is An Even Better Idea Now” and “Impeach Trump, Then Impeach Spence” - or both.   added links 08/05/2017: run-from-the-charity-commission/ By becoming too picky and narrow, you could be missing some important points.  In addition, you need to be able to extrapolate from the material presented to you by being open enough to ask the broader questions.  That is, if the material does not fit in one way, maybe it is point to something in the sphere of influence.  In order to get past your own fears and mistrust of the psychic thing, you need to start developing your own intuition.  To do that, it seems to help to become more mindful of things that stir up guilt or that your conscience has been turned off about.  It also helps to start turning off the bubble voice, which can be an attitude more than anything, and can be found in both males and females.  The voice can be the church goer’s voice - the good Christian, Jew or Muslim.  It can be the business professional’s or  teacher’s voice.  The voice can be an assurance booster that we are keeping things clean, normal and/or safe.  Sometimes we have to turn off one voice in order to be able to let another one surface, and sometimes we need to turn off a stream of consciousness in order to let another type of logic in.  I have sat a bus stops in which the locals are cussing, smoking, probably popping something and discussing banal things in banal ways.  In that case, we would need to ask them to shift to maybe the teacher’s voice in order to hear another logic. 
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