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Updates:  page started 2018/02/19 CUSSING Commentary This website’s opinion: the usage of expletives in a stream, - that is, as every other word - is a form of violence.  It is a type of control - takes up auditory air space.  It pulls people into other people’s dramas, bad moods, sense of disgust with the world, women and themselves.  It sends signals of various kinds, including the feeling if you call them on their tendency, they will likely go on the offensive and could possibly become violent, although there are exceptions to this.  There are those who think complaints about cussing are from petty people.  The opinion here is that It’s more than that.  Several opinions from others (including the opposing camp), as well as some research, are listed below. Wikipedia: Profanity Top 16 foul-mouthed politicians By Ed Hornick, CNN April 30, 2011 How to Stop Swearing BY STANLEY C LOEWEN Handling Swearing & Cursing: A Guide for Parents Why Swearing is a Bad Habit and Impacts Your health: What the &%$@? Monica Corcoran Harel loved to let loose with a bawdy curse, but then she discovered science that suggests swearing is more than just a bad habit. It might actually affect your mental health—and how well, or poorly, others treat you. s Swearing a Sign of a Limited Vocabulary? New research challenges the idea that vulgar words are a sign of failure By Piercarlo Valdesolo on April 5, 2016 The science of swearing To Swear Or Not To Swear- Why Are People Uncomfortable With Profanity? May 27, 2013 By Stephanie Potty Mouth: Stop Kids from Cursing and Swearing Your kid's learning many new words, but you may not want him to repeat some of them. Curb not-so-nice language with these tips. No Cussing Club No Cussing dot com Swearing at School What’s Your Policy?