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Updates:07/22/2017 crashes US Air 427Seattle Times added 07/21/2017: crashes Airlines=Cameroon, Far Eastern, Pacific; 07/19/2017 crash United Airlines 585; 07/18/2017 crash US Air 427; 07/17/2017: more on parts/productioninspection  07/16/2017 crash section created - started w/JAL 123; US Airways/American merger and past American issues; United Airlines; early stealth planes Boeing; hillary clinton, clintons; 07/15/2017 various shifts of the sections; pat shanahan; darleen druyun washington post; 07/14/2017  More on Engines; More on Production/Parts Corruption; 07/13/2017 engines Rolls Royce/Boeing - Reuters; FCC/Boeing related issues - wireless week; TSA corruption - Denver Post; unions; tax breaks; Boeing and China section added; 1989 LA Times article on Boeing quality control problems related to crashes; 07/12/2017 Simi Valley env. clean-up Seattle PI; George Eastman - Talking Biz News, Seattle PI; Nicholas Tides - Seattle PI, Law 360;  07/11/2017 Boeing layoffs; Boeing parts scandal;  07/10/2017 ATC (air traffic control) hiring corruptions ocial hangar, fox; seattle times boeing layoffs; altnet, reuters prescription drug bust boeing; 07/09/2017 ATC American Turkey Council and Boeing; LA Times Boeing Bonuses; Related Agencies;  07/08/2017 Boeing founder; Seattle Times; Roskam; 1989 Boeing safety issues in NY Times; Airbus (Haaretz); early history WWII secret warehouses; 07/07/2017; 07/06/2017 In this section:   (scroll down if links are not active yet) Books  Books  Links   Links (brief)     Links (more detail) Alphabetic (on separate page)    Longer article excerpt (separate page)     Yet Uncategorized Links History and Misc. Information   What is Boeing?     Boeing’s Founder: Who was Boeing?      History/General    WWII History      Logos Boeing/NASA      Early stealth planes (1960s) Crashes    Pacific Western Airlines 314/Boeing 737-200  (02/11/1978)     Far Easter Air Transport/Boeing 737-200 (08/22/1981)     Cameroon Airlines/Boeing 737-200 (08/30/1984)     JAL 123/Boeing 747SR (08/12/1985)     United Airlines 585/Boeing 737-291 (March 3, 1991)      US AIR 427/Boeing 737-300 (September 8, 1994)    Production, Parts and Inspection Corruption   Production and Parts Corruption     Engines/Supplier Corruption     Other Corruption, Issues  Auditors/Hiring Issues     FAA /Boeing Corruption     Environmental Cleanup/Boeing     Layoffs/Boeing     Tax Breaks/Boeing     Prescription Drug Corruption/Boeing     Unions/Boeing    Executives/Management and Military/Government/Boeing Connections and Corruption   Pat Shanahan     Darlene Druyan     Michael Sears      Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Clintons  Additional Boeing Related Concerns  FCC and Boeing - Related Issues            Whistleblowers  Captain Rodney Stich     George Eastman in Inspection/Rollerstamping Corruption   Jeannine Prewit in Parts Corruption International Issues: Sales of Boeing, 9/11 Entanglements, etc.   China and Boeing     Iran and Boeing     American-Turkey Council (ATC) Connections Other Aviation Issues and Corruption (separate page)   Aviation World Issues and Corruption-separate page      Aviation World Links    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Corruption      FAA     TSA Corruption     Defense Contractors and/or Commercial Plane Manufacturs:   Lockheed Martin corruption     Northrup Grumman          Sandia Labs/earlier Lockheed, latest Honeywell     Los Alamos Labs                 Airports/Airlines:  Airport corruption/issues     Airlines corruption/issues     American/US Airways     United Airlines      John F. Kennedy Airport Corruption  Other Plane/Aviation Defense Manufacturers:   Airbus  (Europe)        Bombardier (Canada)         The main issue with Boeing and other major aircraft corporations is both public and national safety. We must have a meticulous, hyper-vigilant approach for protecting both.  Various pieces of information here can help us connect the dots regarding widespread network corruption and defense-private sector links to 9/11 and other crimes:  production and parts slop, cronysim, bribes, overspending and funds mishandling.  BOOKS The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America (2008) By Robert Scheer Note: there is a section in the book on Boeing that is worth Corporate Corruption: The Abuse of Power (2000) By Marshall Barron Clinard LINKS BRIEF LIST Summary of Links update 07/11/2017 - list of links long, so moved here (second page) MORE DETAIL Links - Alphabetical moved here 07/15/2017 LONGER Article Excerpts Moved to another page -  longer article excerpts here UNCATEGORIZED Links Associated With Boeing The Atlantic: Uncle Sam buys an airplane. By James Fallows (06/2002) Nation:  FIA summons two PIA directors in corruption probe (Pakistan aviation corruption) (04/03/2017) HISTORY AND INFORMATION -What is Boeing? The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft [like helicopters], rockets, and satellites worldwide. The company also provides leasing and product support services. Headquarters:  Chicago, Illinois.  Founder:  William Boeing.  Founded:  In Seattle, Washington July 15, 1916.  (Wikipedia) -Boeing’s Founder: Who was Boeing? (From German immigrants in the 1860s) -History of Boeing - General 100 year history (Aerotime) Aerotime: Boeing’s 100 years history  (07/11/2016) Boeing coverage test questions on Boeing facts -Old WWII History - Boeing Old plants/factories War History Online: Old Boeing plant has some secrets from World War Two.  By George Winston (2015) King 5: Boeing’s forgotten World War II factories Boeing - Nazi connection Old Magazine Articles dot com:  Boeing corporation collaborated with Nazi Luftwaffe 1939 old magazine articles dot com/Boeing_Corporation_Collaborated_with_Nazi_Luftwaffe-1939#.WV_Hu4jyvtQ warning: this website seems to have suspicious scripts Excerpt: A pre-World War II article that concerned the rapid growth of the German Air Force, but also referred to the scandalous business dealings of American manufacturers Boeing and Douglas Aircraft had in this expansion.  By the time this magazine profile of Field Marshall Hermann Goering (1893 – 1946) went to print, he had already made his entry on the world stage as the master-mind behind the 1937 bombing of the Basque city of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War (an event that was not mentioned at all in this article).   Published four months before Germany's attack on Poland (September 1, 1939), this article outlines Hermann Goering's efforts to build the Luftwaffe from scratch, the creation of various flight schools, the Luftwaffe collaboration with the Hitler Youth organization, and his aspirations to out-class the air forces of the United States and Britain.  "It has taken Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Goering a little over six years to build the German Air Armada, one of the world's most formidable offensive forces, out of a magnificent bluff." From Amazon: Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II • Coronet Magazine, 1941 •World War II: How American Corporations Aided Our WWII Enemies Before the War • Ken Magazine, 1939 •Forgotten Business Transactions...When Boeing Collaborated with the Nazis. Old Stealth Planes - Technology 1960s Stealth Jet Foxtrotalpha:  Never seen photos of Boeings 1960s stealth jet concept -Suspicious Similarity of Logos between Boeing and NASA Here is NASA’s logo: Here is Boeing’s logo: CRASHES RELATED (OR APPARENTLY RELATED) TO PARTS, PRODUCTION AND INSPECTION SLOP AT BOEING JAL 123 Crash (August 12, 1985) Boeing 747SR FAA - Lessons Learned Note:  There is a lot of material worth reading on this page.  Here is a brief excerpt:  Improper Repair More than seven years prior to the accident, on June 2, 1978, the airplane experienced a severe tail strike incident during landing at Osaka, Japan. Several aft fuselage frames, skin, and the aft pressure bulkhead were substantially damaged, and 25 passengers were injured. At the time of the incident, the airplane had 16,200 hours and 12,300 cycles. The airline contracted to a Boeing Airplane-On-Ground (AOG) team to disposition the aircraft and perform the damage repair. The Guardian: 524 killed in worst single air disasterUS to investigate crash of American-made Japanese Boeing 747.  By Harold Jackson (08/13/1985),,1017027,00.html Excerpt:  Two United States Government investigators were last night travelling to Japan in an effort to find the cause of the worst air crash involving a single aircraft.  Japan Air Lines said that 524 passengers and crew, including 21 non-Japanese, were feared killed when one of its Boeing 747 jets crashed into mountainous terrain north-west of Tokyo.  Flight 123, flying a domestic route from Tokyo to Osaka, apparently veered off course shortly after taking off for its 60-minute journey. It was hundreds of miles away from its planned route when it came down.  Early today, 70 paratroopers descended on ropes from helicopters to start hunting through the wreckage. But Defence ministry officials said there was no sign of survivors. About another 1,000 emergency workers were trying to reach the scene on foot.,,1017027,00.html The Last Boeing Inspector:  Crashes because of rollerstamping LA Times:  747 Survivor Tells of Jet Breaking Up : Sections of Ceiling Fell; JAL Craft 'Weaved Wildly'. By Sam Jameson  (08/15/1985) Japan Times: U.S. leaked crucial Boeing repair flaw that led to 1985 JAL jet crash: ex-officials.  BY Toyohiro Horikoshi (08/11/2015) officials/ Telegraph: JAL 123 the crash that made outcasts of my children.  By Jeff Gilbert (08/12/2009) Wikipedia: Japan Airlines Flight 123  Youtube: US AIR 427 Crash (September 8, 1994) Boeing 737-300.  Apparent cause of crash: rudder malfunction, went hard-over (See Seattle Times below for definition of hard-over) Chicago Tribune: Names and occupations of crash victims on US Air 427 (09/10/1994) Note: some possible trends - people in the same occupation, are noted here.  As a listed accident, we generally don’t look for trends of occupants, and like employers might just simply mean accidental correspondence or company- sponsored business trips.  These are just a few, that came immediately to attention, notice Dept. of Energy and PNC Bank have several.  There are several engineers, chemists, energy types and other scientists listed.  In the case of internationally based, anti-American conspiracy, a known plane defect could be a form of hidden sabotage to remove certain people or groups.  Sabotage could also be about competition between corporations.  Links between PNC bankers and scientists in this case would need to be questioned.  People “more in the know” might be able to see other connections between the occupants of this flight beyond this shallow, cursory observation found by merely going down the list of passengers and seeing their occupations. DOE:  Arrigoni, Thomas, 49, Department of Energy, McMurray, Pa.; Dellefield, Randall J., 37, Department of Energy, Morgantown, W.Va;  Evans, Robert, 52, Department of Energy manager, Venetia, Pa.  Heintz, Steven, 41, Department of Energy manager, Mars, Pa. Langan, William T., 57, Department of Energy, Morgantown, W.Va; Mayfield, Manville, 68, Department of Energy, Morgantown, W.Va.; McIlvried, Timothy, 32, Department of Energy, Library, Pa. Peters, William, 54, Department of Energy, Canonsburg, Pa. PNC Bank:  Flaherty, Kevin, 35, PNC Bank, Mars, Pa.; Lindstrom, Gerald R., 60, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh; Lynn, Kirk D., 26, PNC Bank; Santamaria, Frank, 37, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh Greensburg, Pa.;Stamos, Janet, 40, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh; Taylor, Jocelyn P., 35, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh; Garmhausen, Richard, 33, engineer, USX Corp., Bernard, Harry, 49, USX Corp., Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh;  Raykin, Eugene, 27, scientist, USX Corp., Monroevillle, Pa.; Center for Energy and Economic Development::  Ziska Michele, 36, marketing coordinator, Center for Energy and Economic Development, Bridgeville, Pa.; Wiles, Edwin, 50, Center for Energy and Economic Development, Pittsburgh Newsweek: The Mystery of USAIR 427.  By “Newsweek Staff.”  (09/18/1994) Early conjectures as to why the plane went down.   Excerpt:  Investigators will clearly be looking for similarities between the Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs crashes. One potential culprit is what is known as the power control unit, a hydraulic system that governs the plane's rudder and elevators. The rudder is the vertical flap on the tail; it makes the airplane turn. The elevators are the horizontal flaps on a plane's rear wings; they make the aircraft rise or dive. It is unlikely that Flight 427 would have gone into so steep and sustained a dive without some malfunction of the elevator controls. Though there are clear differences between the two crashes, both 737s suffered an unexplained roll just moments before they began to dive. Another suspect is what are known as "thrust reversers" on the plane's jet engines. Thrust reversers are used to slow the plane after it has touched down. But NTSB officials said at least one of Flight 427's 12 thrust reversers had been deployed; if others had been deployed as well, they said, that could have had "catastrophic consequences" to the plane's stability. NTSB: Uncontrolled Descent and Collision With Terrain, USAir Flight 427, Boeing 737-300, N513AU Excerpt:   Probable Cause:  The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the USAir flight 427 accident was a loss of control of the airplane resulting from the movement of the rudder surface to its blowdown limit. The rudder surface most likely deflected in a direction opposite to that commanded by the pilots as a result of a jam of the main rudder power control unit servo valve secondary slide to the servo valve housing offset from its neutral position and overtravel of the primary slide. New York TImes:  Crash of Flight 427: The Crash Site; 'A Horrifying Scene of Destruction' Leaves Emergency Crews Shaken.  By John Kifner (09/10/1994) Post Gazette:  Two decades after Boeing 737 airline disaster, support group likely to disband. By Matthew P. Smith (2014) SF Gate: Final Seconds on USAir Flight 427 / Pilots' desperate exclamations revealed in transcript. [note: Seattle Times article of 10/1996 also has transcript excerpt] By Alyssa Gabbay (01/24/1995) Very brief vocal utterances from pilot and co-pilot.  Early conjectures of what caused crash:  Excerpt: Among the areas to be examined is the possibility of a rudder malfunction. USAir has warned pilots of its Boeing 737s to watch out for spontaneous rudder movements during flights. The rudder, a large vertical tail slab, moves a plane left or right. Seattle Times:  Pittsburgh disaster adds to 737 doubts:  A debate over safety has embroiled Boeing's 737. Today, a look at discoveries about the 737's rudder-control system and at Boeing's pressure to blame the pilots after the Pittsburgh 737 crash two years ago.  (10/29/1996) Excerpt: That's the moment investigators believe Flight 427's rudder moved suddenly to its extreme left - a movement known as a "hardover," which is not supposed to happen while a 737 is in the air - and locked in that position. In the next four seconds, the jet peeled off to the left, like a fighter plane in a World War II movie. Then it rolled upside down and began falling out of the darkening sky, nose pointed almost straight down. Wikipedia: US AIr Flight 427 Excerpt:  After the longest investigation in the history of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it was determined that the probable cause was that the aircraft's rudder malfunctioned and went hard-over in a direction opposite to that commanded by the pilots, causing the plane to enter an aerodynamic stall from which the pilots were unable to recover. All 132 people on board the aircraft were killed. United Airlines 585 Crash (March 3, 1991) Boeing 737-291 Wikipedia: United Airlines Flight 585 Tailstrike: New York TImes: Jetliner crash in Colorado kills all 25 people aboard Liveleak: LA Times: NTSB: releases/Pages/NTSB_adopts_revised_final_report_on_the_1991_crash_of_United_Airlines_Flight_585_in_Colorado_Springs_CO.;_calls.aspx Pacific Western Airlines Crash (February 11,  1978) Boeing 737-200 Airsafe Excerpt:   Pacific Western Airlines 737-200; Cranbrook Airport, Canada: The aircraft crashed after thrust reversers did not fully stow following a rejected landing that was executed in order to avoid a snowplow. The crash killed four of the crew members and 38 of the 44 passengers. Far Eastern Air Transport August 22, 1981 Airsafe 22 August 1981; Far Eastern Air Transport 737-200; near Sanyi, Taiwan: The aircraft experienced in flight structural failure. The crash killed all six crew members and 104 passengers. Cameroon Airlines Crash 30 August 1984; Boeing 737-200 Airsafe Excerpt: Douala, Cameroon: While on the ground, one of the engines had an uncontained failure which ruptured a fuel tank and started fire. Two of the 108 passengers were killed. CORRUPTION - BOEING PRODUCTION, PARTS AND INSPECTION SLOP -Parts Brandeis dot edu: Boeing Parts Scandal - discusses Washington Post article seen below Jeannine Prewitt Washington Post: Boeing Parts and Rules Bent, Whistle-Blowers Say.  By Florence Graves/Sara Kehaulani Goo (04/17/2006) Insert under manufacturing area photo: For nearly 40 years, Boeing 737 airframes have been built in Wichita [Kansas]. In 2005, Boeing sold the plant to a Canadian company, which does that work under contract.  Photo By Dave Williams -- The Wichita Eagle) Jeannine Prewitt knew there was a problem when the holes wouldn't line up.  On a Boeing Co. assembly line in Kansas in 2000, Prewitt saw workers drilling extra holes in the long aluminum ribs that make up the skeleton of a jetliner's fuselage. That was the only way the workers could attach the pieces, because some of their pre-drilled holes didn't match those on the airframe. Prewitt was a parts buyer, the third generation of her family to work at the sprawling Boeing factory on the outskirts of Wichita. She believed that pieces going into one of the world's most advanced and popular airliners, the Boeing 737, should fit like a glove. The assembly workers Prewitt observed were not the only ones who noted problems with parts from a key Boeing supplier, AHF Ducommun of Los Angeles. Other workers told her that many pieces had to be shoved or hammered into place. And documents reviewed by The Washington Post show that quality managers reported numerous problems at Ducommun in memos recorded in Boeing's system for monitoring its suppliers. -Production/Inspections/Rollerstamping Note: Production, Repairs, Inspections and Rollerstamping can and do intertwine as various phases of the completion or repair process can move across different timeframes, departments and personnel.  As George Eastman clearly explains in his comments on the JAL 123 crash inspectors, managers, repair technicians as well as others can be part of a group ultimately together responsible for a plane defect and crash.  Planes can come to a department partially assembled, requiring completion which requires inspectors.  Used planes that are being repaired can have unauthorized and poor grade parts on them, or can be assembled improperly.  George Eastman “I witnessed first hand that rollerstamping fraud was well embedded throughout Boeing's quality system since at least as far back as 1996…” From Opinion Input from The Golden River - thanks to George Eastman’s insights and comments on his website The Last Boeing Inspector In addition, pressures to meet production outputs can and have created a company atmosphere for buying off an inspection - a horrible expression indicating that an inspection is in a field of mutable negotiation rather than one which follows a strict protocol for checks and oversight.  Buying off sounds like paying off - like paying off people to not do their jobs right and to keep their mouths shut in the process.  It is criminalistic because in the normal, professional and moral world  of proper aviation production, maintenance and repair oversight, no one would ever think of an inspection as something that needed to be bought.  Using the term is a sign of doublespeak and grave cynicism. From The Majority of Boeing Workers Who Build It Agree: Only Fly on the 787 if You Have a Death Wish (04/13/2017)   According to George Eastman’s website, rollerstamping involves buying off an inspection scenario that has not been fully inspected.  He also indicates people who try to do their job more ethically are retaliated against.  The focus is on speed and cutting costs.  Here is a copy of comments regarding sabotage - the purposeful re-using of suspicious materials not checked out (ie, stress approval) by qualifying aviation engineers - Eastman’s words in italics (he is commenting to an  article exposing Boeing corruption:  Al Jazeera dot com:  Broken Dreams Boeing 787. By Will Jordan (2014)    aljazeera dot com/investigations/boeing787/ They were all repairs on 737NG (Thrust Reversers), and all of them showed that the composite repair technician used the wrong material to lay up the repairs! The technician then performed a type of sabotage by applying the wrong kind of repair material after the inspector had warned about it previously: When I told him he had used the wrong material on NCR N1490016174, had to write a revision to the tag to get it approved, that, at that point, was simply an error, I might believe. But what do you call it when a person intentionally does something wrong to an airplane again, as was done by him on NCR N1490018310, after he was warned it was wrong previously, as he was on NCR N1490016174? Right-- sabotage. (Another QA Lead) bought the N1490018310 tag on 1/31/02. Not using the right material - material not tested according to aviation safety standards - could potentially lead to disaster:  Do you think that a (Thrust Reverser) sleeve installed on a 737NG airplane that is probably flying around with people on it right now, with a composite lay-up repair that was done with the wrong material without required engineering approval of that material for the repair, and without the additional required stress approval for use of that material, could be a safety problem? I think so. While the (Thrust Reverser) sleeve might withstand the rigors of flight (or may not, in time), it may blow apart during (Thrust Reverser) deployment when stresses on it might be greater. -- from The Majority of Boeing Workers Who Build It Agree: Only Fly on the 787 if You Have a Death Wish 4/13/2017       The Last Boeing Inspector: What is Rollerstamping Lawsuit Link from George Eastman’s website showing rollerstamping issues involving a female worker in a lawsuit: Talking Biz News:  Fire alleged leak to Seattle Times Seattle PI:  Felony charges reduced for ex-Boeing employee 10 computer trespass counts were dropped to misdemeanors. By Dan Richman (07/10/2008) Excerpt: Charges of computer trespass against former Boeing Co. employee Gerald Eastman were reduced Thursday and will be dismissed entirely if Eastman, who calls himself a whistle-blower, agrees to talk truthfully to Boeing about what data he took from its computers.  But if he fails to meet that condition and four others set out in an order he signed Thursday, he will face a Jan. 23 trial on 10 charges of computer trespass. Those charges carry the possibility of 10 years in prison and $50,000 in fines -- a stiffer punishment than he faced when first tried in March.  "I'm somewhat relieved," said Eastman, 46, after a hearing on the order. "Getting rid of this distraction clears the way for me to continue with my whistle-blowing on the fraud I saw at Boeing, which is my main concern." Last Boeing Inspector: (George Eastman’s personal blogsite with views on Boeing) The Boeing-FAA Working Together Fraud Negating Boeing Airpolane Quality -FAA and Boeing - Corruption Issues The Last Boeing Inspector: Boeing FAA working together fraud negating Boeing airplane quality Seattle Times: Falsified Papers, Sloppy Work Led to Fine Boeing FAA dot gov: JAL 123 (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd) Aircraft Accident Investigation Report  08/12/1985 (resource obtained from George Eastman’s -FCC/Boeing Issues Wireless Week: CCA pushes FCC to deny Boeing plan for satellite service in 5g spectrum (12/2016) -Engines Other Companies supplying engines to Boeing Main engine companies for Boeing: IB Times: World’s Top 3 Jet Engine Makers exploit booming airline market.  By Nish Amarnath (07/10/2012) Excerpt:  The world's top three jet engine makers are ramping up research and development (R&D) efforts to cash in on a booming global market for commercial airliners that has produced a huge number of orders.  Fairfield, Conn.-based General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), whose jet engine business -- its most profitable operation -- is worth about $18 billion, is working to develop a commercially viable technique for mass producing engines of carbon fiber and ceramics, materials that are two-thirds lighter than nickel and titanium alloys currently used to make engines.  Boeing's rivals are focusing their R&D on new designs. London- based Rolls-Royce Holdings (LON: RR) is on the brink of a significant upgrade to its Trent 1000-TEN engine, which is used on Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, Bloomberg News said. The (upgraded) Trent 1000-TEN will deliver 3 percent better fuel burn than the current model, Robert Nuttall, vice president of strategic marketing at Rolls-Royce said on Tuesday, during a briefing at the Farnborough Air Show outside London. The Trent 1000-TEN would be fielded in 2016, he said.  Meanwhile, Pratt & Whitney, owned by United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX), recently launched its so-called PurePower PW1200G engine with a high-pressure compressor, a low-emissions combustor and a state-of-the-art stub wing, MarketWatch said Tuesday. The engine features an improved gear system that helps the engine fan operate at higher speeds than those of lower-pressure compressors and turbines. It will be used to power the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation's Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the company said. Rolls Royce  Reuters: Rolls-Royce could face prosecution in bribery probe.  By Rhys Jones and Kirstin Ridley (12/06/2012) Ainonline: Rolls-Royce Settles Corruption Case with $812 Million in Fines  by Charles Alcock   (01/17/2017) Excerpt: The SFO investigation, which began in 2012, covered multiple instances in which various intermediaries acting on behalf of Rolls-Royce in different countries made improper payments and gifts to secure deals for engines for civil and military aircraft, as well as for industrial energy generation equipment. The company faced charges of 12 counts of conspiracy to corrupt and failure to prevent bribery relating to the activities of the intermediaries. The actions in question included dealings involving contracts with Indonesian airline Garuda, Thai Airways and China Eastern Airline Telegraph: Rolls Royce aerospace head quits as bribery fears mount By Graham Ruddick (05/04/2013) Notice the connection of Rolls Royce/aerospace to Singapore in this article - ie, Fat Leonard Case. mount.html GE Aviation -Auditors, Hiring and Boeing - Issues Nicholas Tides Fired employee sues Boeing in whistle-blower case. Says company violated audit standards. By Andrea James (10/31/2008) Boeing worker says he was fired for talking to P-I Paper reported on computer security. By Andrea James (09/28/2007) Earlier issues: LA Times:  Accidents Spotlight Issue of Boeing Quality Control  (02/26/1989) Excerpt:  "I don't sense a crisis at Boeing, but I do sense a series of tragic and unfortunate incidents," said John H. Enders, president of the Flight Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization funded by airlines, manufacturers and others. "Appropriate corrective action is being taken . . . but not as quickly as the public would like."  Indeed, the apparent in-flight structural failure of a United Airlines 747 after taking off from Hawaii on Friday was only the latest case that has focused worldwide attention on Boeing products. -Tax Breaks and Boeing -Unions and Boeing New York Times: Union issues South Carolina (02/15/2017) -Environmental Clean-up issues and Boeing Seattle PI: Report: Feds gave Boeing millions to clean up its mess. By Aubrey Cohen  (01/11/2010) Excerpt: The government gave Boeing a $15.9 million stimulus contract for environmental monitoring at the same site near Simi Valley, Calif., where the company was fined for polluting a creek with chromium, dioxin, lead and mercury, the investigative journalism group California Watch reported Sunday. -Layoffs and Boeing  Seattle Times: Money:  (03/17/2017) INTERNATIONAL ISSUES AND BOEING:   Sales of Boeing, 9/11 Entanglements, etc. Boeing and China important-for-boeing/&refURL= -ATC (Turkey) Boeing and ATC (American Turkey Council), Turkey Issues Sibel Edmonds. FBI language division whistleblower around 9/11.  John Ashcroft revoked State Secrets Privilege from 1950s, blocked Sibil’s lawsuits. American Turkey Council, Boeing and other major corps.  youtube Defense Turkey dot com: American Turkey Council and Boeing defenceturkey dot com/en/content/boeing-receives-american-turkish-council-award-for-citizenship-370#.WWKzqIjyvtQ Daily Sabah dot com Success of home grown Bayraktar compels Boeing to seek turkish suppliers 902/28/2017) dailysabah dot com/defense/2017/02/28/success-of-turkeys-home-grown-bayraktar-compels-boeing-to-seek-turkish-suppliers Consortium News:  Turkey’s Varied Tactics of US Lobbying May 23, 2017 Excerpt: In the past few years, the article noted, “the country’s increasingly autocratic government has employed an army of lobbyists, including [former Missouri Democrat and House Minority Leader Richard] Gephardt, [former Mississippi Republican and Senate Majority Leader Trent] Lott, [former Louisiana Democrat and Senator John] Breaux, former House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston (R-La.), the late Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.), former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), former CIA director and longtime House member Porter Goss (R-Fla.) and former Reps. Albert Wynn (D-Md.) and Jim McCrery (R-La.).”  Turkey has also multiplied its lobbying clout by allying with various “defense contractors, finance and energy corporations, trade groups . . . and a well-financed network of domestic advocacy nonprofits,” according to the Sunlight Foundation.  Cognizant of Turkey’s importance as a major NATO arms market, for example, the Aerospace Industries Association helped coordinate lobbying by major military contractors such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Textron on issues important to Turkey.  The American Turkish Council, which promotes “stronger U.S.-Turkey relations,” is chaired by retired Gen. James L. Jones, former U.S. national security adviser and commander of NATO. Its board members have included representatives of Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo., Pfizer, Boeing, General Electric, Raytheon, and Bechtel.  Another friend in Washington is the Atlantic Council, a widely quoted, pro-NATO think tank, whose vice chairman, Stephen Hadley, was national security adviser to President George W. Bush. The Atlantic Council’s top financial supporters include no fewer than five major Turkish government and business organizations, along with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other large military contractors.  The Atlantic Council’s annual Istanbul Summit drew fire this year for allegedly excluding critical journalists and opposition politicians, at the request of the Erdogan regime. The council’s CEO said that it supported Turkey in today’s turbulent times, adding, “the Atlantic Council is not a fair weather friend.” -Iran and Boeing CNBC: IranAir may receive first Boeing Jet sooner than planned (04/10/2017) EXECUTIVES/Management and Military/Government/Boeing Connections and Corruption -Pat Shanahan Reuters: Trump Pentagon Nominees DOD Buzz: Senate Committee approves Boeing executive Shanahan Deputy Secretary Register Guard: Boeing executive chosen as Pentagon’s Chief’s Deputy Seattle Times:  Pentagon spending to challenge Shanahan -Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Clintons -Darleen Druyun Wikipedia:  Darleen Druyun Washington Post:  Long Fall for Pentagon Star.  Druyun Doled Out Favors by the Millions.  By Renae Merle (11/14/2004) Wired:  Boeing Employee Fired for discussing computer security problems at company (10/01/2007) Wireless Week: CCA pushes FCC to deny Boeing plan for satellite service in 5g spectrum (12/2016) CBS News: Cashing in for profit: Who Cost Taxpayers Billions In Biggest Pentagon Scandal In Years? (Darleen Druyun) By Rebecca Leung (01/2004) -Michael Sears -Captain Rodney Stich Related Air Force Acquisition Corruption or Suspicious Activity New York Times: Commonwealth Research (CRI) - (also consider Concurrent Technologies Corporation, the parent of C.R.I.) New York Times:  Top Air Force Official Dies in Apparent Suicide.  By Eric Schmitt and Ginger Thompson OCT. 16, 2007 Excerpt:  The second-highest-ranking member of the Air Force’s procurement office was found dead Sunday in an apparent suicide, Air Force and police officials said Monday.  The civilian official, Charles D. Riechers, 47, came under scrutiny by the Senate Armed Services Committee this month after reports that the Air Force had arranged for him to be paid about $13,400 a month by a private contractor, Commonwealth Research Institute, while he awaited clearance from the White House for his selection as principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition…under scrutiny by the Senate Armed Services Committee Prescription Drug Scandal/Boeing High Tech Examples - Boeing Phantom Eye An Eye in the Sky: An Aircraft Like No Other Phantom Eye is a liquid hydrogen-fueled, high-altitude and long-endurance unmanned aircraft system for persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and communications missions. The demonstrator aircraft is capable of maintaining its altitude for up to four days while carrying a 450-pound payload. Typical payloads include multiple sensor packages for monitoring,
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