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SUMMARY OF LINKS ON AVIATION CORRUPTION AND ISSUES   [Lap Joints, SW emergency] [Rudders incl. brief history problems, possible related crashes]   [Rudder hardover]   [US Airways/AA merger - AA complaints]   [SW Airlines, FAA whistleblowers Boutris/ Peters] 20150522-story.html  [American Airlines 1979 crash]   [Parker Hannifin embezzlement ]   [GE engine corruption-Israel] corrupt-ex-rep-wilson/#1145b1ee46c0    [Financial Times Rolls Royce corruption] haaretz dot com/israel-news/arkia-s-purchase-of-airliners-should-force-airbus-to-confront-its-nazi-roots-1.450743 [GE engine corruption-Israel][GE engine corruption lawsuit USA vs. GE Aviation]    [FIA/PIA]  [Lap joints/fuselage hole, SW airlines, emergency landing] disaster/8701477685781/[American Airlines 383/Boeing 767 crash] competition-lockheed-martin-agrees-to-pay-almost-5-million/?utm_term=.e26dd7ca4faf  [pratt-whitney corruption] https://en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/Boeing_737_rudder_issues  [737 rudder issues]
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