Updates see Police Names-1 and indiv. sections NEW MEXICO POLICE ABUSE - POLICE NAMES-2 PAGE 2: H TO Z Although most of the police names listed here refer to aberrant or criminalistic cops, some are reformers or are listed to provide other information. H  Hansen, Whitey     Harger, Shane     Hearn, John     Heatley, Paul     Hernandez/no last name (Deming-probing issue)     Herrera, Leon     Huerta, Raul  I   Ielacqua, Paul   J   Jasler, Natalie     Julian, Aaron  K   Killinger, Bryan   L   LeHocky, Andrew     Lytle,  John     Lopez, Bert     Lopez, Stephanie     Lucero, Edward      M   Maes, Tomas     Marshall, Mike     Martin, Jeremy     Martinez, Cisco     Martinez, Joe E.     McKinney, Roshern     McAllister, Bruce     Mcclaskey, Skylar     McCormick, James     McCoy, Terry   McCracken, Mark   McDowell Sr,  John “Jack”      Merriman, Ronald   Molinas, Sonny   Montoya, Elias   Montoya, Pete  N  Najar, Gilbert  O    O’Donnell, Kent     O'Neil, Craig     Orosco, Bobby     Orr, Cynthia     Ortega, Anthony     Owens, David   P  Perez, Dominique     Pestak, Noah     Polisar, Joseph     Porter, Rodney   R   Ramsdale, Rick     Reynolds, Ed     Rodella Jr., Thomas     Rodriguez, Robert    Romero, Robert   S  Salazar, Keith     Salazar, Martin     Salcido, Danny     Sanchez, Allen     Sandy, Keith     Schultz, Ray     Scott, Carroll     Sena, Lucas     Sholtis, Tom     Solano, Greg   Stepp, Jennifer     Stinnett, Alfred Clyde     Stout, Glen     T  Tarango, Jr, Danny     Taylor, Misty   Terrell, Joshua     Threlkeld, Eric K.     Torres, James    U  Utley, Shane    V   Valencia, Jose     Valtierra, Robert     Varela, Javier     Vega, Angela     Vigil, Isaac     Vigil, Matthew     W   Webb, Chris   Wilson, Oliver   Z   Zapater, Blanca     Zavala, Cruz H_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_(Herrera, Leon 02/22/2017)(Harger, Shane; 02/27-28/2017; 03/01/2017)(Heatley, Paul-02/23/2017) H Hansen, Whitey (1981) Albuquerque.  Police Chief. 1981, see Greg Avila, Excerpt From Real Crimes: “told the press (in regard to the actions of the two officers), “When you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do.” He said there are no guidelines or rules for undercover officers” Real Crimes:  Harger, Shane. (2014)  Jemez Springs.  Chief. Fired, seems to have been retaliative.  Excerpt by Warner Todd Huston 03/30/2014: Chief Harger attended the Las Vegas gathering of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to hear what the group had to say about its goals. Harger says he’d never attended such an event in the past and until the Vegas event was not a member of the group.  On the way to the CSPOA event, though, the chief suddenly found that his name had been placed on some sort of watchlist by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and he was harassed by TSA agents as he tried to board his plane. Harger reported that when he got to the airport a man who briefly flashed a badge and claimed to be a “federal agent” (from what agency he would not say) informed the police chief that he was a “person of interest” and that he had to be detained. Excerpt Abq  Journal 09/2015:  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The rape case against former Jemez Police Chief Shane Harger has been dismissed, but a special prosecutor plans to refile charges.  The effort to dismiss the case reveals details of the January 2013 night Harger is accused of raping a 19-year-old Los Alamos woman traveling through his jurisdiction in Jemez.  The dismissing court documents also show mistakes made by the 13th District Court prosecutors in pursuing the August 2014 indictment of Harger.  Before being charged in the rape case, Harger had a role in a web of at least three law enforcement scandals, earning him a spot as a darling among anti-federal government groups who say the federal government is targeting him for participating in a meeting of sheriff’s who vow to strictly follow the federal constitution and who oppose federal overreach.Harger was charged with criminal sexual contact and penetration, kidnapping and extortion, but little detail was initially released about what prompted the charges.  But details of the night were made public in court filing by Harger’s defense attorneys Ray Twohig and Lisa Torraco.  They show prosecutors allege Harger was using a confidential drug informant who told him a vehicle heading into his village of Jemez had heroin in it.  Harger and one other officer stopped the vehicle after they said it was speeding and brought all four occupants out at gunpoint. The documents say Harger eventually found a very small amount of heroin in the vehicle.  A woman in the vehicle later told investigators that Harger said because there were no female officers on the Jemez force available, he would have to search her.  He took her into the Jemez police office, had her privately strip down in the bathroom, cough several times and then redress.  He then looked for items on the bathroom floor before returning her to the scene of the arrest. Excerpt from Taos News: Former Taos Police Dept. officer charged with rape.  A former Taos Police Department officer who left the agency following numerous allegations of misconduct was arrested Thursday (Aug. 7) on charges of raping a 19-year-old woman in Sandoval County.,36677 Excerpt from Publius Forum:  New Mexico Police Chief Fired Likely Because He Attended Constitutional Rights Gathering Hearn, John.  See Greg Avila and John Hansen. Involved in wrongful attack of a suspect, complicity with Avila.  Real Crimes: Heatley, Paul. (1989) Albuquerque. Associated with killing Peter Klunck a likely whistleblower of APD abuses.  Excerpt from Kaitarquette:   Peter Klunk did off-the-books body work at the chop shop on Arno where the VW Bug sought to take refuge after Kait was shot.  APD Officer Matt Griffin was one of the rogue cops who hung out at that chop shop.  In January 1989, (six months before Kait’s murder), Peter was shot by three members of the APD ROP Team – Robert Valtierra, Paul Heatley, and Matt Griffin  -- on the day he was scheduled to appear in court and had told people he was planning to “blow the lid off APD.” Hernandez, first name? (2013) Deming. Officer.  Probing incident in connection with David Eckert case. Huffington Post Herrera, Leon.  (2015)  Springer. Police Chief.  Excerpt Abq Journal:  Ex-Springer chief Leon Herrera, in his plea agreement Thursday, acknowledged that he pretended to be a federal Drug Enforcement Administration officer to help deputy Vidal Sandoval persuade the faux drug couriers to hand over money from their car.  “At that time, I knew that my false statements and misrepresentations… served the purpose of assisting Sandoval in stealing the money in the vehicle,” Herrera states in his plea document filed in Albuquerque federal court. Herrera pleaded guilty to impersonating a federal officer and was released. He faces up to three years in prison. couriers.html Huerta, Raul.  (2012)  Socorro.  Excerpt:  Raul Huerta-communications shift supervisor, arrested for alleged delivery of marijuana greater than 5 pounds but under or equal to 50 pounds  Lopez, Bert.   Santa Fe.  Private Investigations Lopez, Stephanie. Albuquerque. Excerpt from Washington Post:  One particularly poignant example concerns the city’s police union. In 2012, TV reporter Christina Rodda filed a lawsuit against the city and against Officer Stephanie Lopez. According to Rodda’s lawsuit, she was covering a rave at a club called Tumbleweeds when she caught Lopez on tape getting rough with a teenager. Lopez then demanded that Rodda hand over the tape. Rodda initially objected. Lopez then confiscated the entire camera. If she had taken the camera because the video was evidence of some kind, she should have tagged the camera and taken it to the police station. Instead, according to Rodda’s lawsuit, Lopez took the camera home. Three days later, the camera was returned to Rodda’s employer, KOB. The incriminating video had been deleted. Rodda was able to recover the file with the assistance of a specialist. Lopez then had Rodda arrested. The charge — “criminal trespass” — was summarily dismissed by a judge. watch/wp/2014/04/14/albuquerques-long-history-of-police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.64fe519d7302 Lucero, Edward. 06/11/2002:  Santa Rosa.  From Real Crimes: “6/11/02: TROY PINO SUSPICIOUS DEATH (Santa Rosa PD)Troy died four days after a brutal assault by his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Edward Lucero.  Witnesses reported that the 260-pound Lucero knocked Troy to the floor, beat him with his fists and kicked him repeatedly with steel-tipped shoes.  The first officer at the scene was Lucero’s nephew, Officer Justin Anaya…. The supervising officer, Officer Joe E. Martinez, who arrived slightly after that, was Lucero’s best friend.  He terminated the assault by physically restraining Lucero.  No arrests were made and no charges filed.  No medical attention was sought for Troy.  Although there were seven other witnesses, police made no mention of Lucero’s assault in their reports. The following day, Officer Martinez forced Troy out of his girlfriend's car as they prepared to drive to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Martinez followed Troy for several hours. Troy went to a friend's house where he fell ill from the beating and was transported to the hospital in Santa Rosa. He was airlifted to UNMH where he died. I_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet I Ielacqua, Paul: Albuquerque. Describes some problems police have. KUNM. J_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet J Jasler, Natalie. (06/22/2003) Albuq. From Real Crimes:  6/22/03: Bernalillo County deputies were called to the home of police-watchdog activist Gilbert Elizondo and his wife after the death of his wife’s mother, who died of natural causes.  Sgt. Natalie Jasler tried to prevent Mrs. Elizondo from viewing her mother's body, and when Elizondo stepped in to block a blow by Jasler to his wife, Jazler slapped and kicked the couple.  Elizondo was then arrested on a charge of aggravated assault on a peace officer.  Jasler kneed Elizondo in the groin several times while he was handcuffed and other deputies held him. Jasler’s charges against Elizondo were later dropped Julian, Aaron.  (02/2002)  Rio Rancho.  From Real Crimes: 2/02:  “Officer Aaron Julian, Rio Rancho Dept. of Public Safety, was indicted for five felony counts of child abuse. The DA failed to send a Grand Jury Target letter so all charges were dropped. Aaron Julian's wife was then arrested and charged with the five felony counts.” K_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet K Killinger, Bryan. (05/15/2003) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: 5/15/03: APD Officer Bryan Killinger was fined $15,000 for unlawful detention and excessive force against a bicyclist, Jackie Shane.  Killinger did a U-turn in front of Shane, almost causing an accident.  When she called out to him to use a turn signal, he grabbed her by the head and pulled her off her bike, throwing it to the ground and stomping on the rear wheel.  He, then, hit her, handcuffed her, and threatened to file false charges against her. L_nmpoliceabusenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates (Lytle, John - updated 02/20/2017) L LeHocky, Andrew: (1990s) Albuquerque. There are a strange number of cases associated with this man which need to be double-checked.   From Real Crimes: APD Officer “sicced his 80-pound attack dog on a homeless woman who was asleep at the time.  This was the same Andrew LeHocky who had just been named “Officer of the Month.”  (01/29/1992:) “APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued for violating the civil rights of Kenneth Wayne Tortolita. Although no further information regarding this case is available, the case was settled for an undisclosed sum of money on 09/10/1992. “ …05/13/1992: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued when his police dog attacked Sheldon Waddles, a peaceful demonstrator at a rally (and the son of a local fire chief). The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money…”03/27/1996: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued for allowing or ordering an attack dog to bite and maul Isaac Ortiz. As with the two previous suits, this lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money.”… “02/26/1999: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky released his police dog, Bart, on an unarmed teenager, Moriah Smith, who was hiding in a school yard after a boy she met at a party fired a gun and frightened her. Bart was supposedly sent in to locate Moriah and “guard and bark” to let Officers know where she was hiding. Instead, Bart ran into the schoolyard, located Moriah and immediately attacked her. Bart never bothered—or was ordered not—to bark. The attack left Moriah with four deep wounds that required three surgeries and a skin graft. Lehocky stated his supervisor, Sgt. Tom Garduno, told him, "Good job. I'm glad nobody died." A federal jury subsequently found Lehocky liable for the Moriah Smith attack. Lehocky was ordered to pay the $50,000 necessary to partially remove scars. Lehocky contended that Moriah must be a “bad” girl because his dog, Bart, would only bite “bad” people. Real Crimes:  Lytle, John.  Belen.  (2014) Excerpt from KRQE.  By Tina Jensen, 10/20/2014: Lytle admits, while the young man was handcuffed, he hit him on the head with his open hand, threw him on the ground and kicked dirt on him, saying, “If I see you break into my house again, I will bury you.”  Lytle pleaded guilty in April and faces up to 10 years in prison. assault-case M_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_11/05/2017 Malone, Casey/Farmington. (McCracken, Mark 05/30/2017); (MckinneyR- update02/20/2017)(McDowell Sr, John “Jack”-02/21/2017)(Montoya, Clayton; McClaskey, Skylar-02/22/2017) (Martin, Jeremy. - 02/26/2017) M Maes, Tomas. (10/31/2003) Albuquerque. Shot, possibly poisoned puppy. Excerpt from Real Crimes: “10/31/03: Albq. Journal: NM State Police Officer Tomas Maes, shot a neighbor child’s Golden Retriever puppy in the face with a 45-caliber handgun, because it wandered into his yard after the neighbor, Vanessa Salizar, 12, accidentally left a gate open. Officer Maes explained he was concerned about the safety of his son who was playing next door at his parents' home. The State Police exonerated Maes of any wrongdoing. The dog survived the shooting but a few days later was poisoned.” Real Crimes: Malone, Casey. (2017) Farmington. Wrongful allegations.   Comments on alleged abuse by another officer (not Malone) on Facebook. Excerpt from KOB: Investigators said the video is from Jan. 25. They were dispatched to a report of an intoxicated person in the entry way of a Dollar Tree store on Broadway. The officer placed handcuffs on the man and while searching him, and the man fell. The officer was unable to stop him from falling.  The video seems to prove there is no evidence of the man being beaten, nor does it match what was described on Facebook.“We were able to essentially absolve the officer of any wrongdoing in a matter of 30-45 minutes,” Malone said. Farmington police officers have been equipped with body cameras since 2011. The department says they take any accusations of wrongdoing very seriously.  “If there is an officer that isn't upholding our standards, we want to be notified, we want to look into the incidents, we want to take corrective actions, we want officers serving the citizens of our community appropriately,” said Malone. Marshall, Mike. (04/3/1999) Albuquerque. Excerpt from Real Crimes: Albuquerque Journal: Former Sheriff’s Deputy, Michael Lee Disney, appeared before a US Magistrate on charges that he threatened DEA Agent Mike Marshall because of Marshall’s testimony against him. Real Crimes:  From Border Land Beat: In 2003, Christesen worked for the Region II Drug Task Force when officials caught a former deputy named Mike Marshall dealing drugs Border Land Beat (2011):  Martin, Jeremy.  (2014 - slain) Santa Fe.  Deputy.  Killed by another deputy, Tai Chan.  Excerpt from KOAT. By Devon Armijo. (10/28/2014):   Slain deputy's wife pregnant with 4th child.  The two returned to the hotel around midnight. Police said the argument between the two escalated and Chan fired several gunshots at Martin. Martin was attempting to flee to an elevator at the time he was shot, according to police.  Police said Martin was shot several times in the back. Witnesses said they heard at least six shots. Martinez, Cisco. (10/24/1998)  Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: 10/24/1998 “Albuquerque Police Detective Cisco Martinez was accused of entrapment for hiring two girls from an escort service to come to his motel room and dance nude, which is not illegal.  However, he then attempted get the women to touch his genital area and to allow him to fondle them.  When they refused, stating that this would be illegal, he had them busted for prostitution anyway.  The women were found innocent in court.” Real Crimes:  Martinez, Joe E.  (06/11/2002) Santa Rosa. Involved in Troy Pino death. Excerpt from Real Crimes: “6/11/02: TROY PINO SUSPICIOUS DEATH (Santa Rosa PD) Troy died four days after a brutal assault by his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Edward Lucero.  Witnesses reported that the 260- pound Lucero knocked Troy to the floor, beat him with his fists and kicked him repeatedly with steel-tipped shoes.  The first officer at the scene was Lucero’s nephew, Officer Justin Anaya…. The supervising officer, Officer Joe E. Martinez, who arrived slightly after that, was Lucero’s best friend.  He terminated the assault by physically restraining Lucero.  No arrests were made and no charges filed.  No medical attention was sought for Troy.  Although there were seven other witnesses, police made no mention of Lucero’s assault in their reports. The following day, Officer Martinez forced Troy out of his girlfriend's car as they prepared to drive to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Martinez followed Troy for several hours. Troy went to a friend's house where he fell ill from the beating and was transported to the hospital in Santa Rosa. He was airlifted to UNMH where he died. McAllister, Bruce. (07/21/1995) Albuquerque. Possible set-up.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: “07/21/1995-Albuquerque Journal: CITY TO PAY FIRED COP $450,000, BUT WON’T SAY WHY-- A legal settlement by the City of Albuquerque awarded Bruce McAllister, fired APD narcotics detective accused of robbing drug dealers and raping a prostitute, $450,000.00.  McAllister said he was set up.” Real Crimes:  Mcclaskey, Skylar. (2015) Albuquerque. Child abuse.  Excerpt from KOAT. By Megan Cruz. 02/16/2015: An Albuquerque Police Officer is on paid leave after he and his wife [Jodi] were arrested for child abuse Saturday. slapping-hitting-stepson/5062197 McCormick, James. (2017) Commander. Carlsbad, Artesia, Eddy County.  Excerpt from LCSUN-News (2017): The plot targeted specific personnel within the Carlsbad Police Department, Artesia Police Department and the Eddy County Sheriff's Office, according to a news release from the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force…Commander James McCormick with the PVDTF said the suspects planned to use firearms and explosives to carry out their plans on the targeted officers….An ‘intensive, multi-agency investigation’ began once the plot was discovered, police said, and led law enforcement to believe suspects had already taken steps to further the plan.  McCormick said it appears the suspects intended to hire assailants to target the officers. officers-targeted-revenge-plot/97620692/ McCoy, Terry. (2012) Farmington.  Sheriff’s Deputy. In connection with William Mike case. LA Times McCracken, Mark. (08/05/1995 - Melanie’s death ) Los Lunas - Death by apparent car accident near there. Albuquerque - case tried. See Real Crimes: A New Mexico State Police sergeant suspected of murdering his wife, Melanie McCracken.   Behind the Blue Wall: There seem to be holes in the investigation.  Alb. Journal: A district judge has cleared retired State Police officer Mark McCracken of murder charges stemming from his wife Melanie's death in a 1995 car crash near Los Lunas.  Retired District Judge David Bonem of Clovis was critical of State Police for not involving an independent agency early on when investigating one of their own….McCracken was charged with first- degree murder and tampering with evidence by a Valencia County grand jury in 2003, but the charges were dismissed because an investigator for the prosecution was in the grand jury room during testimony. see additional material on McCracken case in Notes - 2017-13 McDowell Sr, John “Jack”. (2011) Rio Rancho. Excerpt from Abq Journal. By Argen Duncan / Rio Rancho Observer Staff Writer 12/06/2014  Ex-State Police officer found guilty of murder.  One of the men charged with stabbing a Rio Rancho man to death in July 2011 faces more than 30 years in prison after a Sandoval County jury convicted him in the homicide.  Jurors found 58-year-old John “Jack” McDowell Sr., a former State Police officer, guilty of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the slaying of James Chavez…McDowell’s son, John McDowell Jr., also is charged with murder in the case. His trial is pending. McKinney, Roshern.  Grants.  Excerpt from KRQE:  New Mexico sergeant arrested after lapel camera investigation Lapel video appears to show officer’s illegal activity.  By Haley Rush.  08/24-25-2016.GRANTS, N.M. (KRQE) – A police sergeant in New Mexico was arrested Wednesday, accused of stealing and distributing drugs.  The Sergeant, 33-year-old Roshern McKinney, is accused of giving his girlfriend, 23-year-old Tanicka Gallegos-Gonzales, marijuana he took from the Grants Police Station.  Merriman, Ronald. Albuquerque.  From Real Crimes:  In connection with Kait Arquette case (1989) and others.(see “Kaitlyn Arquette Case” and  “Benny Esquivel Case” and Lindsey Curtis case”…On Lindsey Curtis: “ (Albq. PD): Curtis was stabbed in the back in broad daylight.  He stumbled across the street to a 7-11 store and  collapsed on the floor.  APD Officer Ronald Merriman … was dispatched to the scene, as was the Fire Department.  The medics later testified that Officer Merriman refused to allow them to treat Curtis until he finished interrogating him.  Curtis bled to death at the scene.  Curtis was schizophrenic and used marijuana as a type of self-medication.  His father, Victor Lindsey, says APD shrugged off the murder as “just one drug addict killing another.”from Real Crimes Molinas, Sonny.  (2014, 2016) Albuquerque.  In connection with Mary Hawkes case. Alb. Journal Montoya, Clayton. Clayton. (2015) By Alex Goldsmith (04/17/2015 taser-to-flirt/   and Montoya, Elias. Raw Story Montoya, Pete. (07/2002)  Rio Rancho. From Real Crimes: “7/2/02: Rio Rancho Observer: Sandoval County Sheriff Deputy Pete Montoya was indicted on 18 counts of criminal sexual contact with a 5-yr-old child.  (Montoya was the lead detective in the John Sherman case, 12/27/98.) N nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_(Najar, Gilbert-02/21/2017) N Najar, Gilbert.  Silver City.  Director of Silver City police academy. Excerpt from New Yorker 02/02/2015Gilbert Najar, the director of the police academy in Silver City, New Mexico, who worked for the Albuquerque Police Department for twenty-five years, told me that the department “did policing one way in the South Valley, where there were a lot of immigrant families and people of lower socioeconomic status, and we knew we could violate their rights. But we did not dare commit those tactics in the affluent neighborhoods, where we knew they would file complaints on us.” O-policenames_nmpoliceabuses--systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_(Odonnell-02-17-2017) O O’Donnell, Kent.  (2011) Farmington.  FARMINGTON — A Farmington police sergeant is accused of raping a Farmington woman.  Chief Kyle Westall restricted Sgt. Kent O’Donnell to administrative duties after O’Donnell reported to his superiors Sept. 18 that he was under a criminal investigation looking into the rape charges.  The allegations of sexual assault surfaced Sept. 17 after the alleged victim filed an emergency restraining order against O’Donnell.  The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office immediately opened an investigation, Sheriff’s spokeswoman Beth Utley said. O'Neil, Craig. (04/7/2002) From Real Crimes: APD Officer Craig O'Neil, a seven-year veteran who worked as a field investigator, was booked into the Bernalillo Detention Center on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and false imprisonment. Orosco, Bobby. (2013) Deming.  Probing incident in connection with David Eckert case. Huffington Post Orr, Cynthia.  3/19/05:  Albuquerque. APD Sgt. Cynthia Orr gave a media interview, starting out, “This is probably going to end my career.” Orr said Chief Gilbert Gallegos failed to act despite repeated warnings of evidence theft.  Orr said that, in Aug. 2003, she identified two people who were stealing in the evidence room, but Gallegos allowed them to continue to work there, which enabled them to destroy evidence that would have proven their guilt. She said she discovered thefts when property went to auction and the list of property taken out of the evidence room was longer than the list of property the auctioneer received.  "Am I implicating the chief is assisting to do this cover-up? Absolutely. Do I know this is a dangerous accusation to make? Absolutely. But I know this is something that needs to be done."  Orr said  a deputy chief forbade her to send reports of missing evidence to the records department, because they didn’t want it to become public record that things were missing. She said officers under criminal investigations for such things as DUI or domestic violence were allowed to work in the evidence room where they could oversee the evidence in their own criminal cases. Ortega, Anthony. (06/11/2002) Santa Rosa. From Real Crimes: “6/11/02 Troy Pino’s Suspicious death (Santa Rosa PD): The first officer at the scene was Lucero’s nephew, Officer Justin Anaya.  The second to arrive was Officer Anthony Ortega.  Neither officer was certified.  Although Troy was calling out for help, the officers made no attempt to stop the assault.  Instead, Officer Anaya, sprayed him in the face with mace.”  Real Crimes: Owens, David. (07/4/1987) Albuquerque.  Lt. “Convicted APD Officer Robert Earl Davis and four other men escaped from Santa Fe Prison. Davis later stated that Corrections Officer Lt. David Owens smuggled in a gun to help with the escape.”  From Real Crimes p_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates(Porter, R; Pestak, Noah -update02/20/2017) P Perez, Dominique: Albuquerque.  Officer.  In connection with James Boyd. Public Health NM Pestak, Noah.  (2012) Truth or Consequences. Excerpt from RD News 2012: A 29-year-old man accused of impregnating a 15-year-old girl while he was a Truth or Consequences police officer has been charged with statutory rape of a minor, even though he later married [auth] the girl.T  he Albuquerque Journal reports ( that Noah Pestak turned himself in Friday after State Police obtained an arrest warrant. He was charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and attempting to tamper with evidence.  He was released from the Sierra County Detention Center later Friday after posting a $25,000 cash- only bond. Polisar, Joseph. (1980s) Albuquerque.  Officer. From Real Crimes: (Later became APD Police Chief.)   “The APD Intelligence Unit, under the supervision of Sgt. Joseph Polisar, was accused of illegally creating and maintaining secret dossiers on innocent political figures.  The only possible use for such dossiers would be to exert influence and pressure on those politicians. When the existence of the dossiers became known, they were burned to prevent their inspection.  Sgt. Polisar was subsequently elevated to Chief of Police” 10/1/87: Former Chief Justice William Riordan, the City’s first independent councilor, found that the APD Intelligence Unit, under the supervision of APD Sgt. Joseph Polisar, had been secretly stockpiling information on local residents not suspected of wrong doing.  (The Unit was supposed to be gathering intelligence on motorcycle gangs, organized crime, terrorists and other criminal activity.) …7/5/94: APD Joseph Polisar, (supervisor of the APD Intelligence Unit when police burned the controversial Intelligence Files), was appointed Police Chief.   Real Crimes:  See also Kaitarquette Porter, Rodney. (2005)  Hobbs. Excerpt from Brown Watch:  Arresting Officer has a History of Police Brutality Claims Against him (01/03/2005) One of the arresting officers, Detective Rodney Porter is no stranger to police brutality or racial discrimination claims. On August 24, 2004 a court awarded Jimmie Marshall, a 58 year old Black man $580,000 for police brutality claims he brought against Porter and the  City of Hobbs. Specifically, Porter took a blood sample from him without his permission and without a warrant following a Dec. 26, 1996, traffic stop. Marshall claimed Porter only tried to stop him after determining Marshall was black and then used a racial slur during the arrest -- a claim Porter denied. The jury awarded Marshall $390,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for Porter's actions (the remainder was for the liability of another officer's actions).[more] watch/2005/1/3/hobbs-police-beat-down-another-black-man-cop-with-racist-brutality-past-is-the-arresting-officer.html R_nmpolicenames_policeabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_(Rodriguez, Robert update-02/20/2017)(Ramsdale, Rick-Reynolds, Ed-02/21/2017) (Rodella Jr., Thomas_02/26/2017) R Ramsdale, Rick. (2009) Alamogordo.  Narcotics agent. Caught by other police officers.  Excerpt Abq Journal, By Staff, 03/24/2009) Alamogordo police officer arrested on trafficking charges after release from hospital Saturday.  A 46-year-old undercover narcotics officer with the Alamogordo Department of Public Safety was arrested Saturday on charges of drug trafficking after New Mexico State Police searched his home and found 1.3 pounds of cocaine, the Alamogordo Daily News reported. undercover-narcotics-cop-caught-with-coke-at-home.html Reynolds, Ed. (2016) Silver City. Police Chief.  Excerpt KOB. By Chris Ramirez (11/15/2016):  “Nikki was not just one woman up against one man,” Schauer Ives said.  “She was one woman up against an entire police department.”  …Reynolds did place Contreras on administrative leave and took away his gun and badge, but did not arrest him or take any additional steps to protect Nikki. bascom-mark-contreras/4318951/ Rodella Jr., Thomas.  (03/11/2014 - Incident).  Espanola.  High speed chase, roughing up, son in car, not wearing police uniform, etc. Excerpt from KRQE.  By Hawa Konte. 09/27/2014):  Jury finds Sheriff Rodella guilty on two counts… Count 1 of the Indictment charged Sheriff Rodella with violating the victim’s civil rights by subjecting him to an unreasonable seizure while acting under color of law.  Count 2 charged the Sheriff with brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. Rodriguez, Robert.  (2014) Deming.  Six months after NM cavity search case, half the cops still on job search-case/ Romero, Robert. (1986) Albuquerque.  Lead detective in association with Linda Daniels (1986) murder case.  True Crime Diva S_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ (Scott, Carroll-02/20/2017)(Salazar, Martin; Sandoval, Vidal-02/22/2017) S Salazar, Keith. (12/07/2007) Farmington.  New Mexico State Police Officer. 12/7/07 10 pm: Cops charged in drug case.  From Stop the Drug War: “Federal agents today took down two former law officers accused of using insider information to form a large drug ring. Tonight former San Juan County sheriff's Deputy Levi Countryman and former New Mexico State Police Officer Keith Salazar are locked up.  According to a federal indictment, Salazar is the key person in the case.” See also Borderland Beat Salazar, Martin.  (2009) Las Vegas, NM.  Although cleared at time of striking a woman Bernadette Varela being put in prison, DA’ Richard Flores’ approach to case seems suspicious. Jailers were witnesses to the abuse.  This case should probably be looked into in more detail. Salcido, Danny. (2014-2015)  Las Cruces.  Excerpt From Cop Block (03/09/2015): Las Cruces man threatens to sue city for $12.5M over police brutalityThe video clearly shows Las Cruces police officers – Danny Salcido and Richard Garcia – rushing into Flynn’s holding cell and attacking him. The Lahann Law Firm representing Flynn say that Salcido and Garcia beat their client so  badly he sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs and multiple contusions. Flynn’s attorneys filed a 12 million dollar lawsuit on Thursday (March 6th) against the city and several officers involved. Another Deadlocked Jury/Mistrial in New Mexico: (07/01/2016) declared-ex-police-officers-trial/86613902/ Sanchez, (first name?) (2001) Gallup. False arrest issue of Emily Ellison. $50,000 settlement.  See also Byers. Sanchez, Allen. (2015) Carlsbad. Excerpt from KRQE (Cheyenne Cope, 09/08/2015): He believes violence against police is getting worse, pointing to the 24 law enforcement officers who have been shot to death in the U.S. just this year. One being the ambush of Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston who was pumping gas at the time.  “And the guy comes up behind him and just starts shooting him, even while he’s down just keeps shooting rounds at his body and there’s just no need for that you know,” said Sanchez. Detective Allen Sanchez is a long-time veteran at the Carlsbad Police Department…Detective Sanchez has been with the Carlsbad Police Department for 15 years. He says when he first joined the force he only knew one officer who had ever been involved in a shooting.After a string of deadly ambushes on police officers around the country, a New Mexico police officer is taking to Facebook to let everyone know what it’s like to be a cop…It just bothered me just to see that people would target us because they have an opinion of us and they lump us all together and I just don’t think it’s right,” said Sanchez.He ended his post by asking the bad guys to give officers a break and to stop taking the lives of his brother and sisters.He adds, “If you need a friend or an ear, even a sincere embrace, i’m here for you. Talk to me. Before you make the choice to take one of us out of spite. I love you. Let me prove it to you. Let’s stop all this nonsense.”  Detective Sanchez says the post has gotten quite a bit of attention with people applauding him for his words and praying for his safety. Sandoval, Vidal. (2015)  Springer, Fairfax County.  Deputy. Crime with help of Police Chief.  Excerpt from Abq Journal, By Scott Sandlin. 07/13/2016: Sting operation found him aiding, abetting drug trafficking. pleads-guilty-to-helping-deputy-steal-from-officers-posing-as-drug-couriers.html Sandy, Keith. (2009) Albuquerque.  Officer.  In connection with James Boyd.  Public Health NM Schultz, Ray:  Albuquerque.  Police Chief.  In connection with Sam Costales.  Alb. Journal Scott, Carroll.  (2016) Bloomfield. Lieutenant.  Domestic violence. Scott, 45, was charged Thursday in Aztec Magistrate Court with one count of battery on a household member, a misdemeanor. jailed-domestic-abuse-charges/78805802/ Sena, Lucas. 02/17/2017 Santa Fe Sholtis, Tom. (10/31/2001)  Albuquerque.  Officer.  Violence.  Excerpt from Real Crimes Corruption Overview: Off-duty Albuquerque police officer, Tom Sholtis, encountered Deena Tanberg, (the wife of an Albuquerque FBI agent), chatting with a woman friend in a public park after hours.  Sholtis ordered the two women to come toward him, and when they didn’t instantly comply, Sholtis  “violently slammed Deena Tanberg to the ground, fracturing her arm and causing her ligament damage.” The audiotape from Officer Sholtis’s belt-mounted recorder reflects that he grabbed Deena and broke her arm within 20 seconds of first encountering her, before she had even determined that Sholtis was, indeed, a law enforcement officer. Solano, Greg.  Santa Fe. Former Santa Fe County sheriff.  Stole office equipment and sold on Ebay. Cutting Edge News:  Stepp, Jennifer. (2013) Albuquerque.  Officer. In connection with Marlene Tapia case involving anal probing and lawsuit. The Blaze: shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ See also Victim Incidents/Cases Stinnett, Alfred Clyde. (2001) Ruidoso. Excerpt from Justice dot gov: Department was indicted today on charges of assaulting an individual in the custody of the Ruidoso Police Department, the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Mexico announced today.The three count indictment, returned in U.S. District Court in New Mexico today, charges that in November of 2001 defendant Alfred Clyde Stinnett slammed Susanne DiPaolo, an individual in police custody, to her cell floor while she was handcuffed. The indictment also alleges that former police officer Stinnett obstructed justice by submitting misleading information to investigators and tampering with a witness. Stout, Glen. (2016) Albuquerque.  Police sergeant.  In association with Lt. Greg Brachle and Jacob Grant shooting/injury case.  (Abq Free Press 01/13/2016) T_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates: 11/05/2017 Threlkeld, Eric/on domestic violence issues/reforms T Tarango, Jr, Danny. (12/07/2007)  Farmington. From Stop the Drug War: ”According to this federal indictment Countryman acted as the middleman while a Mexican national named Daniel Tarango did the actual dealing.” Taylor, Misty.  (2011) Farmington. Officer.  Watched beating.  In connection with Donovan Tanner case.  Navajo Times  Terrell, Joshua. (2014) Jal, NM.  Fired officer in connection with Police Chief Larry Burns.  The Blaze  Threlkeld, Eric K. Carlsbad. (2017)  Letter to editor in Current Argus (Carlsbad news) on preventing domestic violence  Excerpt from Argus 10/24/2017: I began my career as a police officer in 1986. At that time there was no domestic violence shelter in the town I worked in. The best that a victim could hope for was that there was enough money in the chaplains’ fund to get one night in a cheap motel. If an officer responded to your home for a domestic violence call, he would often tell the victim to leave the house, and ask misguided questions like 'Why do you stay here anyway?  Why do you put up with it?  What did you do to make him angry?' Or make detrimental statements like, “If I have to come back here one more time tonight, someone is going to jail.”   Domestic violence was, for far too long, seen as a lesser offense, and frequently treated like a private matter. Victims were often just sent home from the hospital without intervention, children were left to suffer in silence. And as a consequence, abuse could go on for years. In many cases the violence only ended with the death of a woman or a child. Torres, James. Albuquerque. (04/23/1991) “APD Officers James Torres and Stan Gloria went into an apartment to sell 100 lbs. of marijuana for $60,000….” From Real Crimes U_nmpolicernames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_utley02_17-18_2017 U Utley, Shane. Farmington. Captain.  Excerpt Abq Journal 08/31/2015, By Dan Schwartz / The Daily Times: FARMINGTON — A New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy official has determined that a former San Juan County Sheriff’s Office captain lied in investigations of his alleged use of department-issued ammunition in a trade for an off-road motorcycle.  The ammunition — four boxes of Black Hills .223 match grade bullets and 50 rounds of Federal 12-gauge buckshot — was valued at between $180 and $250, according to the records. The ammunition boxes were also stamped with an identification number that matched rounds kept in the Sheriff’s Office SWAT truck, according to the records.  Utley testified in the hearing that he didn’t know the ammunition belonged to the Sheriff’s Office and that Capt. Brice Current had given it to him, according to the records.  But Hearing Officer Peter Camacho stated in the records that Utley “knew or should have known” the ammunition belonged to the Sheriff’s Office. Current also denies he  gave Utley the ammunition, according to the records.  Current, former-Undersheriff Ron Anderson, the sheriff’s office, and the county and its board of commissioners are also named as defendants in the lawsuit against Christesen. Case file: Complaint against San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen San-Juan-County-Sheriff-Ken-Christesen See also Beth Utley, Sheriff’s spokesperson and Shane Utley’s wife, found mentioned here vwz-nm-policabuses-policenames-thegoldenrivernet_updates: 11/05/2017-vigil, matthew/espanola/child abuse. 02/20/2017- cruz, zavala. 02/21/2017-Varela, Javier-02. Valencia, Jose-02/23/2017) V Valencia, Jose. (2010) Santa Fe police/Pecos related incident.  Detective. Guns/drug dealer/revealing undercover agent.  Possible retaliation by higher ups for reporting corruption and not participating in cover-ups.   Excerpt from Abq Journal (2010):   SANTA FE — A Santa Fe cop may end up losing his badge after he was caught on an FBI tape promising a gun to a drug dealer "who clearly conveyed his intent to commit murder," according to police documents.  Santa Fe police Detective Jose Valencia — who was the police union president at the time the conversation was caught on tape two years ago — was recommended for termination by Chief Aric Wheeler last week, the Journal has learned. The alleged drug dealer is Maximiliano Gonzales of Pecos, whom Valencia has known on some level for years. Valencia has been on administrative leave since October. He also is accused of providing the description of an undercover officer to Gonzales and with making disparaging remarks about fellow officers to the drug suspect, according to state Department of Public Safety documents….But a lawsuit against the city of Santa Fe is in the works, according to an attorney for Valencia who claims his client was the victim of entrapment on the part of "administration higher-ups."    Albuquerque attorney Alvin Garcia told the Journal the actions taken against Valencia were a product of a "retaliation" against his client "for reporting corruption (within the department) and not participating in cover-ups."    "He was warned that things would come back to bite him," Garcia said. "And they have."  Valtierra, Robert.  (1989) Albuq.uerque  Excerpt from Real Crimes: 1/27/89: PETER KLUNCK KILLING (Albq. PD): Peter was shot by three members of the APD ROP Team – Robert Val(tierra, Paul Heatley, and Matt Griffin  -- on the day he was scheduled to appear in court and had told people he was planning to “blow the lid off APD.”  Friends assert that Peter had been involved in criminal activities with Officer Griffin and now wanted out.  Police released a statement that Peter was shot in the chest in self-defense.  In truth, he was shot three times in the back.  Officer Steve Nakamura, who did not fire at Peter, said Peter was unarmed.  “These guys shot him in the back and I don’t know why!” he told his sergeant. Varela, Javier.  (2012) Socorro.  Detective during during bust involving police corruption. police-officers-arrested-have-been-released/55619331 Vega, Angela. (2011)  Columbus. Former police chief. Extortion and trafficking arms. Cutting Edge News  Vigil, Isaac. (2014)  Tucumcari. NMSP Officer. Domestic Violence. Vigil, Matthew. (2017) Espanola. Child Abuse, Witness Intimidation. Espanola Police Chief on Leave After Child Abuse Indictment (US News/08/21/2017) The police chief of a troubled northern New Mexico city has been placed on leave following grand jury indictments on child abuse and witness intimidation. on-leave-after-child-abuse-indictment w_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ W Webb, Chris. (2013) Tularosa. Taser used on 10 year old.  By Scott Sandlin.08/15/2013 lawsuit-over-tasered-child.html Wilson, Oliver.  (11/7/2013) Santa Fe, New Mexico State Police Officer.  Shot/Killed Jeanette Anaya. z_nmpolicenames_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Z Zapater, Blanca.  (2013) Albuquerque.  Officer.  In connection with Marlene Tapia case. The Blaze shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ See also Victim Incidents/Cases Zavala, Cruz. (2016) Roswell. Domestic violence (wife). dispute-with-wife/
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