Updates: 11/06/2017 Judicial Watch/article on sues justice dept; 12/29/2016 -- LA RAZA (and related or similar Latino groups) Summary of Links on this Page: Related: leftist-groups/ German Victims: La Raza Threat Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch sues Justice Department corporations-fund-leftist-groups/ National Mecha: Mecha Solidarity Message to Mexican Students and Activists(Must Read!) Please note the unmistakable link to Palestinians and the anti-Israel statements.  Pay attention to the Communist style motifs as a lineage from the 1940s. The American Resistance: National Council of La Raza (La Raza) have separate corporate identities and histories. What is unique about both MALDEF and La Raza is that they are the creations of the ford foundation, which remains one of their principal sources of funding. Related: Wikipedia: La Raza Excerpt:  Are you seriously suggesting there's no evidence of this [ie, La Raza discrimination, hatred and war against United States]? It's not only 'considered' a reference to racial genocide, it's been blatantly stated by members of the raza movement. The expression 'la raza' is spanish for 'the race.' Try a google search for 'eliminate the gringos' and you'll find about 15,000 references to the founder of La Raza Unida political party saying that mexicans need to kill whites and take land back from them. Next try a search for the phrase Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada. (For the race, everyone, for those outside the race, nothing.) Read the criticisms section of this wikipedia article. Here's a quote from an article on Zogby: ' This group’s charter calls for the annexation to Mexico—by violent means if necessary—of the entire Southwestern United States.' How about go to the Official MEChA website and look at their logo. Notice the stick of dynamite and machete it's holding? How about This article which quotes Art Oliver, former Vice Presidential candidate as having said 'My campaign headquarters received a package...The first page said the whites will soon go back to Europe, the blacks must go back to Africa and scribbled on the bottom was ‘and f*** Asians too. We will take our land back through RECONQUISTA!’ The next two pages are El Plan de Aztlan. It starts off ‘be warned Gringos’ and goes into how the La Raza de Bronze will drive out the exploiters and declares independence of their mestizo nation.' You want videos? Try a youtube search for 'la raza reconquista' There's no shortage of evidence on this topic. (talk) 08:01, 7 October 2008 (UTC) [Note: refutation following this excerpt suggests that these references to the dangers of the La Raza are highly biased toward the right wing]. https://en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/Talk%3ALa_Raza WND: Trump U Judges Group Tied to National Council of La Raza (06/2016)
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