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CURRENT COMMENTARY notes_currentcommentary_thegoldenrivernet Older Notes  Most Recent notes placed in the Older Notes section: 2017-12:  2017-12     2017-13 (McCracken case NM)   2017-13  See below for dated current notes FOURTH AMENDMENT The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,  and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  Dated Notes 07/22/2017 Nation: ALEC wants to change the way senators are elected and take away your vote: A proposed resolution advocates for overturning the 17th Amendment so Republican-controlled state legislatures could pick senators.  By John Nichols.  (06/18/2017) Excerpt:  Say “hello” to the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, the corporate-funded project to impose a top-down right-wing agenda on the states. ALEC is considering whether to adopt a new piece of “model legislation” that proposes to do away with an elected Senate.  The idea of reversing 104 years of representative democracy and returning to the bad old days when senators were chosen via backroom deals between wealthy campaign donors, corporate lobbyists, and crooked legislators, is not new. The John Birch Society peddled the proposal decades ago. But with the rise of the “Tea Party” movement, the notion moved into the conservative mainstream. 07/21/2017 Have been having psychic feelings and impressions regarding old plane crashes while going over the Boeing related crashes.  These impressions are quite strong.  Some of them go back a long time ago, like the 1970s.  Israel and Jews: Jews in White House, Jewish Terrorism, Nixon, Entebbe etc this will go on Israel section later.  The reason for this brief probe into Israel are fleeting possible impressions of Israeli terrorism and the idea that with almost all attention on Arabs, we should not forget the Jews in the USA and those more formally defined as “Israelis.” Haaretz dot com:  Meet Donald Trump's Lawyer: A Messianic Jew Who Loves Jesus and Hates BDS.  By Allison Kaplan Sommer (07/19/2017) Excerpt: In one of many of his cases, Jay Sekulow is defending a group of U.S. nonprofits, philanthropists and firms led by Sheldon Adelson accused of committing war crimes against Palestinians http://www.haaretz dot com/us-news/.premium-1.801939 Entebbe Tablet mag dog com: 10 Things you probably never knew about Israel’s rescue at Entebbe Israelis delay plane’s take-off while suspecting fellow Israelis - Arabs - being terrorists terrorists-on-board-in-a6797276.html More recent Jewish Terrorists Nixon and Psychic Dixon Newsweek: Terror Watch Nixon and Dixon Jewish input: http://www dot dot com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS717US717&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF- 8#q=Nixon+Jewish+terrorists http://www.haaretz dotcom/world-news/.premium-1.543129 Terrorism CSO Online: Counterterrorism analyst explains the dark web Washington Post: A HIstory of Terrorism in Europe (07/17/2017) Woman called police to seek help for another woman who was in duress, was shot and killed by police who came MSN Police chief breaks silence on woman’s fatal shooting (07/21/2017) AAowzrb?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp A little more on Nazis The Nation: Kodak’s Nazi Connection The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism By Stefan Kuhl ots=Kvrjh06i8M&sig=jybWDyu8WREqLqKazbnVRoQ1Vmc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwijrIKPxfzUAhUl2oMKHVHjCWUQ6AEIKDAB#v=on epage&q=George%20Eastman%20connection%20to%20Nazis&f=false 07/19-20-21/2017 Arizona corruption - Border Patrol- Paul Babeau; note 07/21/2017 more has been added on Babeau in the Arizona Police Abuse section - as bad as Paul Babeau’s situation looks, keep in mind possible alternative scenarios, or additional scenarios.  For example, who would want to set up any member of the police or the government in a long-term, well-planned corruption scenario, only to then have these people exposed brutally in the media?  In addition, given the signs of decades old problems going back to massachusettes, what powers that be would keep hiring and advancing Paul Babeau?  The Massachusettes MIT has been on my radar for some time.  Is there any link between MIT and the school in which Babeau was apparently an abusive and sexually promiscusous headmaster?  We are finding corruption after corruption across all arenas;  are all the players intrinsically corrupt, or are there invisible fingers playing chess, exacerbating temptations?  In addition, are exposed people being beaten and abused behind the scenes, forced to have photos taken in compromising situations?  I sense abuse around Babeau’s ex-lover, and feel the man is telling the truth, and has information that is useful (See photo of the homosexual copule in Phoenix New Times). Phoenix New TImes:  Paul Babeaus Mexican ex-lover says sheriffs attorney threatened him with deportaiton (2012) deportation-6454567 Huffington Post: How the closet corrupted Babeau.  By Michelangelo Signorile (02/06/2016) Raw Story: FBI corruption probe just the tip of the iceberg for Trump’s scandal plagued border patrol nominee (03/2017) Excerpts  Pres. Donald Trump’s nominee to head the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is being investigated by the FBI for possible improper use of money and weapons seized during criminal investigations….For six years, Babeu carried on an affair with an undocumented immigrant named Jose Orozco. Babeu reportedly threatened to use his powers as sheriff to have Orozco deported from the U.S. if he ever breathed a word about their relationship to the public….But Babeu’s penchant for scandal goes beyond dating an illegal immigrant and allegedly threatening him with deportation; lest we forget the school — described by one member of Congress as a ‘place of horrors‘ — he ran for troubled youth before he became sheriff,” said King. From 1999 to 2001, Babeu was headmaster and executive director at the DeSisto School in Massachusetts, a “therapeutic boarding school” for at-risk students. The school was accused of rampant sexual, psychological and physical abuse of students. “ABC 15, in Phoenix, Arizona, investigated the allegations and unearthed video of Babeu bragging about abusing students, some of whom had psychological disorders,” said King. Students were allowed to impose strip-searches on each other and took group showers which “[led] to sexual abuse.” Babeu is accused of stonewalling an investigation into abuse at the DeSisto School and, more disturbingly, his sister Lucy Babeu told ABC 15 that she caught her brother engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor boy from the school. nominee/ added later on 07/18/2017: Although people feel Trump is wealthy and self-sufficient monetarily, I sense he was hired by powerful people associated with the government to do what he is doing.  I started looking into this vibe today, and came up with one possible part of that: the Mercers.  Looks like the Mercers were strongly opposed to the Clintons. Mercers and Trump: want/514529/ Here are some other links that drew my attention about Trump today: Think Progress: Business Insider: Russia Internet Trolls and Donald Trump Here is a link about a Mormon cult in the Four Corners Area: (2008) Religion Blog: 07/18/2017 Weird Dreams Continue, As Does Possible Covert Electronic harassment I woke up again to weird dreams.  I feel strongly they are fake or unnatural (electronically induced) dreams.  I suspect they are a type of video streaming sent to my brain like movies and TV are beamed into a television or laptop.  As they get more info on me (sometimes from me, sometimes from watching me in stores or elsewhere on video, or from others who have had contact with me) the dream “movies” become more developed as they have more data to work with.  The dreams seem to be a form of psyops, meant to mess with the person’s feelings, and seem to come from things in that person’s life. Dream Stream Part of Bigger Package of Harassment This is part of the overall electronic harassment.  The other things I have noticed over time are a sense of being snagged.  A lot of group think among male members of the network - men who are very much afraid of being different, being set apart from the crowd.  Some of this reflects in religious conformity, some of it is about feeling safe in numbers (male numbers), some of it is both.  I almost wonder if there are pheromones involved in male group conformity, that an invisible odor is given off that makes them feel safer around other men when working together as a pack.  The men seem to be fearful people, afraid of making a mistake, blowing cover, drawing attention to themselves, being thought of as odd or different, getting picked on, losing their source of income or home.  They seem to be subconsciously connecting with a “group think” space in the psychic interconnectivity between people - a particular space where people reach out on a psychic level to sense what the group holds true.  It could be the same space herd animals use.  In other words, it could be one of the evolutionary channels for communication.  07/17/2017 Reviewing the Israeli-Mossad issue of Israeli agents from a front furniture company caught in white van with bomb - also there might have been two different white vans at two different bridges Lockheed and the Sandia connection: see also: End the blowoff: Corruption at Sandia and Argonne added later 07/17: Forbes: Sandia Labs out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and Lockheed: Excerpts: Energy Secretary Steven Chu, left, examines coatings at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., on Thursday, January 6, 2012…This is a $2.4 billion contract for Sandia to run major parts of the government’s nuclear weapons complex in Albuquerque and Livermore, which were under Energy Secretary Steven Chu. Even by Lockheed standards, it is huge….The last competition, when Lockheed’s subsidiary, Sandia Corp., got a competitive award, was over twenty years ago, in 1993. Since then – no bidding. Lockheed may keep this plum contract – noncompetitively – to 2017. most-corrupt-ex-rep-wilson/#6ee3999f46c0 07/15/2017 Hawaii Free Press Cops Killers and Corruption in the Aloha State (07/08/2015) 07/12/2017 MEXICO CARTEL/GOVT. CORRUPTION Mexico - Israeli based software - Spyware that is used to go after “the good guys” Fortune:  iPhone-Spyware-Mexico 07/11/2017 Excerpt: The Mexican government purchased a controversial type of spying software, which is supposed to be used for anti-terrorism surveillance, and deployed it against a team of human rights lawyers looking into the disappearance of dozens of students. The allegations, set out in a New York Times report, provide more grist for critics who fear governments are abusing so-called "spyware," which uses a person's phone or computer to track their activities. The spyware in question, known as Pegasus, is directed at iPhones and is activated if a target clicks on a link sent by text message. If the recipient clicks on the link, the spyware records every bit of activity on the device—it can even control the phone's microphone and camera—and relays it to the snooper.. In the case of Mexico, the Times reports the spyware was used as a broader campaign to harass and interfere with the team of international human rights investigators as they sought to find 43 students, who had disappeared in 2014 after clashing with police: The main contact person for the group of investigators received text messages laced with spyware known as Pegasus, a cyberweapon that the government of Mexico spent tens of millions of dollars to acquire, according to an independent analysis. The coordinator’s phone was used by nearly all members of the group, often serving as a nexus of communication among the investigators, their sources, the international commission that appointed them and the Mexican government... The effort to spy on international officials adds to a sweeping espionage offensive in Mexico, where some of the country’s most prominent journalists, human rights lawyers and anticorruption activists have been the targets of the same surveillance technology. The company that sells the spyware is an Israeli outfit called NSO group. The firm says it only sells its hacking tools to governments, and only on the condition they are deployed against criminals and terrorists. But as the Mexico case suggests, it can be hard to ensure the spyware is used for its stated
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