09/30/2017; some later additions I think I might have found part of the answer behind the psychic/psychotronic attacks, and it is associated with these symbols: Do you recognize them? Does Iraq (MNF–I) mean anything to you? Thought of as defunct or shifted to a US contingency, it was the multinational force sleeve emblem in Iraq at the start and ensuing portions of the war.  It represented coalition forces. Applicable links: Wikipedia:  Greco-Turkish War Wikipedia Multi-National Force Iraq ABC News:  The Name Change in Iraq, Multi-National Force Iraq US Forces Iraq (01/01/2010) Later addition: In addition to topic below, I am going back over Bradley Manning’s material today.  I prefer not to call him Chelsea until I hear the final word on whether his gender change was based on torture associated with the military/prison system or not. Like a few of you I have written or discussed, I pick up abuse on some people.  On Bradley it is very likely the problems are associated with the military and the prison system.  This goes along with Middle Eastern trauma systems discussed below in Big Stick and Ottoman & Company.   The Guardian: Bradley Manning Cruel Inhuman Treatment. By Ed Pilkington (03/12/2012) Excerpt: The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning, the US soldier who was held in solitary confinement for almost a year on suspicion of being the WikiLeaks source.  Juan Mendez has completed a 14-month investigation into the treatment of Manning since the soldier's arrest at a US military base in May 2010. He concludes that the US military was at least culpable of cruel and inhumane treatment in keeping Manning locked up alone for 23 hours a day over an 11-month period in conditions that he also found might have constituted torture.  "The special rapporteur concludes that imposing seriously punitive conditions of detention on someone who has not been found guilty of any crime is a violation of his right to physical and psychological integrity as well as of his presumption of innocence," Mendez writes.But the Pentagon's arguments did not impress the special rapporteur. He stressed in his final conclusions that "solitary confinement is a harsh measure which may cause serious psychological and physiological adverse effects on individuals regardless of their specific conditions." Moreover, "[d]epending on the specific reason for its application, conditions, length, effects and other circumstances, solitary confinement can amount to a breach of article seven of the international covenant on civil and political rights, and to an act defined in article one or article 16 of the convention against torture." Ted: Karen Tse video clip on  How to Stop Torture  1. lawyers   2. global connections   3. training    4. awareness raising It is likely the Turkish connection includes shamanism and martial arts.  With a large part of the American public associated with oil and gas linked to football, country western music, beer, junk food and dull thinking, lifting the public to a self-protective mode including anti-psychic or psychotronic attacks will take a major shift in the media, churches, schools and police force. Big Stick and Ottoman & Company Although there was a shift, I want to focus on the occult meanings and associations with these images - because when I saw this for the first time that I consciously remember last night, I immediately recognized on some level the bad energy as one associated with the psychic/psychotronic attacks I suspect have been directed against me.  I feel there is a link.   I think it has partly to do with a Turkish or Ottoman Empire force still operating, even if not included in the symbolism and names of American forces in Iraq or Middle East - this is the energy behind the Arabian Nights Effect I have been picking up.  Even though it was supposed to be about democracy and bringing in a better way to Iraq, it’s actually connected to deep, esoteric mysticism and knowledge.  I think part of what we are dealing with is a Turkish martial arts (which can include Asian aspects) which used psychic energy to attack people along with normally understood military warfare.  It is extremely dangerous and ominous.  I also picked up the connection between Big Oil and the American military, which uses the Ottoman coalition to create havoc and distractions on people who try to thwart their world domination tendencies - the American thing is the nuts and bolts, down here on planet earth thing, business, money, engineering; the Ottoman coalition is the mystical side.  However, I think the Ottoman coalition wants to be top dog, and has its own agendas.  Of the two, the American thing is blunt, the Ottoman thing wily and convoluted.  Turkish occult If we start connecting with that Turkish occultism, we start seeing daylight on backing off the psychic attacks - what is especially hard about it is not knowing exactly what you are dealing with - but once you start sensing who and what with more definitiveness, things start to come together and you can apply the proper back-force to the force they are sending out, sort of like a key in a lock.  I strongly suspect I (or my ancestors in my genetic line) have encountered this energy and system in a past life, because there is something familiar about it, beyond thefact I think they have been in my energy field and attacking me for years.  It is a trauma-based system, probably passed down for generations in priestly classes and kingships or other leadersk but I sense also they might have picked up some of it from old historic or archaeological works - for example, something written on temple walls, etched in stones, written on papyrus rolls, found in old books, etc.  It probably does relate to Babylon or Egypt and things floating around between ancient China areas, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean.  I think the Greeks have some of this knowledge to this very day, probably coming in with the Greek Orthodox Church - pagan and ancient Christian motifs and esoteric knowledge.  Esoteric means people are taken into another dimension or shifted in some way to start picking up another reality.  Unless it happens to you, like it has happened to me, you won’t know what I am talking about.   The direct experience takes you there - the the space of awareness and understanding.  You can have it happen by being connected to by people who are trained, probably from their lineage group.  This is definitely being passed down in families, tribes, church groups, etc.  The trauma-based thing is coming in more from the Turkish aspect for me in the new set of awarenesses this week - past few days - less the Greek - the Greek - Turkish history and and Greek - Russian history needs to be taken seriously in this regard - but most of the abuse is coming in from the Turkish side of things.    You can pick up some of this in old photos of groups associated with “orthodox” - possibly Amrenian - possibly some of it is also in the Muslims around Bosnia - no matter what they call themselves on the outside - Christian, Muslim - watch for these energies of interconnection.  Again, the key word is trauma.  Some of the attacks felt in the final analysis in the chest region - no matter the place of origin of the attacks (like the brain stem) seem to be associated with this trauma-based system for cultural transmission and control; some of it is to keep women in their lace - but it is also to keep the tribe (group network, no matter its name) in its place.  Some of it could have come in through gypsies or wandering Turkish and Middle Eastern tribes. The problem is when Christians try to combat this using “Jesus” or Satan/Hell motifs - that is the wrong approach because it furthers the occultist cause.  It is occult fighting occult, although the Christians don’t see it that way - they don’t see Jesus as a misused and false historicism, taking the story too literally and too much on forced faith.  The Satan/Hell motifs tend to divide up a whole universe to set parts of it against other parts of it, counter-productive.  We need to work in whole-brained ways. Some of you seem very blocked when it comes to the psychic thing -perhaps some of us were encountered by the Ottoman & Company types as a child - for example, I was overseas around various cultures around the world from the time I was about four until age 10.  In addition, I was around a lot of ruins, museums, around old relics…I feel there are either ghosts or spirits around this, or emanations of the past and past people which speak to us on some level. I feel part of what Ottoman and Company (a mix of groups with similar occult tendencies) do is try to break you - to block your finances and support from anyone (family, neighbors, schools, etc) to keep you down until you finally give into becoming one of them.  This is showing up on the physical in how cults and cartels intimidate people into submission and complicity - unions do it - school fraternities - religious groups - so we have to look a the underlying energy to see how it is played out on the physical. In the past few days, I literally felt I was getting married in an old Greek wedding ritual, with old style Greek clothes and I started making that connection with the Turkish - so now I have to go back and look more into the that old history between Turkey and Greece, and the historic division that occurred years ago.  I have touched upon it previously, but now I will focus more.   In all the things we are dealing with in the world today, we absolutely must include the Turks in our thoughts as a possible conspirator involved in or controlling world events - we can take it from there if it involves other groups, but keep those Turks in mind and start tuning into their energy.  I don’t feel it is all Turks - just a certain group - we can consider the Donmeh but we need to stay open and receptive to all possibilities.  I have read one of the places the Donmeh operate is Salonica in Greece.  Years ago when we lived in Athens, we went to Thessalonica.  Part of what we seem to be dealing with are women in hysteria and rage coming out of the trauma based systems - we need a better definition of hysteria because it gets wrapped up with putting women down as low-brained emotional types - hysteria here refers to a condition which is hard-wired for reaction to pain that came in her development and/or is ongoing in her life -  a sense that there is no hope, no way out, this is all there is to life (trauma and meanness) and that the group (with its control devices) must be continued and protected.  Some of the most vicious terrorists and cartel leaders are women.  Connected to viciousness is hysteria - just a subverted hysteria, one that takes inward the abuse of Self and transfer it to Other in a sense of no boundaries or barriers between attacker and victim felt in childhood or beyond. The American government, with its connection to the Big Oil/military system of monetary gain, is in complicity with the Ottoman & Company trauma system - so when you hear anti-American types say “it’s just about commercial interests” when they fought Iraq for Kuwait - they are right - I have been picking this US/Big Oil self-centeredness for some time now.  It was not about getting rid of big bad Saddam Hussein to get rid of a vicious regime in Iraq - it was indeed about protecting oil interests in Kuwait - yes, indeed.  The whole setup about human rights was bogus on the part of the US - the US that is run by Big Oil.  And the idea that there are Americans running the US from the notion of their penises - having a big stick - yes, that is also right.  But there is also a “minority” group - Ottoman & Company - which goes in and out of being in complicity with the US Big Oil Big Dicks and fighting them across various fronts.  In the meantime, both more normal Americans and thousands of people around the world - more like millions - are victimized.  You cannot blame the US alone for these problems. 8-29/2017 A Greek Terrorist section is being added to the website: Greek Terrorism.  The Greek connection to world terrorism is more pronounced than many realize and deserves more attention in the United States. Development on CIA Torture The Real News: CIA Torture Architects Settle With Victims to Avoid Trial.  (08/17/2017) Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the architects of the CIA's torture program, have reached a historic settlement in the case of three victims. John Kiriakou, the former CIA analyst who went to prison for exposing the torture program, says the duo settled to avoid accountability New York Times:  CIA Torture Lawsuit Settlement.  By Sheri Fink  (08/17/2017) Abu Zubaydah some additions 09/29/2017 See also Danny Pearl section Note:  Although Zubaydah does not seem to have been involved directly in Pearl’s kidnapping and murder, he is part of a group of people in Pakistan in 2002 around that time, so his story is intertwined with the various issues associated with 9/11, Pearl, other kidnappings, abuses and bombings around that time in Pakistan and beyond, hijacking, ransom demands, CIA and other agent involvement, CIA prison torture and more. The Intercept:  Fourteen Years after first CIA Torture Session A Rare Glimpse of Abu Zubaydah. By Margo Williams (08/23/2016) AEI dot org: The Abu Zubaydah myths won’t die.  By Marc A. Thiessen (08/24/2016) Excerpt:  MYTH 1:  ZUBAYDAH WAS WATERBOARDED 83 TIMES. The Washington Post and the New York Times once again repeated the debunked myth that Zubaydah was “waterboarded 83 times.”  They don’t seem to want to take his word for it that this is not the case.  When Zubaydah was interviewed by the International Red Cross after his arrival at Guantanamo Bay, he told them waterboarding “was applied during five sessions of ill-treatment that took place during an approximately one-week intense period of interrogation.”  He further told the IRC that “during each session, apart from one, the suffocation technique was applied once or twice; on one occasion it was applied three times.”  So according to Zubaydah’s own account, that is between 8 and 13 times — not 83. New Yorker: How did Abu Zubaydah lose his eye.  By Dexter Filkins (06/09/2015)
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